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Pause. Commercial break. Non-pause. Fast forward. Stop. Play.

The Firm. Lindsay, Ellenor, and Jimmy are discussing what do about Hinks. Ellenor wants to go to the police. Lindsay doesn't know what they'd do. Jimmy wants to tell the cops about Hinks's confession. Hardly, Lindsay scoffs -- that information is privileged. Jimmy tries to convince Lindsay again: "But if we think he's about to commit bodily harm --" Lindsay's not buying it: "We don't have any grounds on that [sic], Jimmy." Ellenor encourages her partner to talk to Helen. Again, Lindsay protests. But Ellenor has the last word: "To hell with ethics. Talk to Helen." I'm so glad they are proponents of the law on when it suits them and throw it right off when it doesn't.

Bay's Office. Helen "The Young And The Breastless" Gamble and Richard are tackling Bobby and Eugene on the whole "deal for Francis" plot. Bay won't give an inch and neither will the Emperor. In fact, Bobby's throwing all kinds of imaginary touchdowns during the scene: "You have to give him something, otherwise he'll just go to trial and the girl will die." Pause. Dramatic suspenseful moment. Bay: "She's dead already." Bobby tries to convince him otherwise, but Richard honestly believes Francis has already killed Alessa. The camera pauses for an instant on Helen, who does her best to look like a porn star with her shiny lips slightly ajar and this fancy new hairdo. Richard keeps yelling: "This whole thing was a ruse! He killed her days ago! He knew we were on to him and he wants to get out in five for murder, so he pretends she's still alive so you have something to bargain with!" Come on, Richard, Francis is no William Hinks; he's not so good at pretending. While he's very good at being a scumbag, I hardly think he's capable of being so devious. Anyway, Richard accuses Bobby of being "in" on the whole set-up, and then he tries throw the two defense attorneys out of his office until Helen stands up for reason: "Look, we all know our positions here but if that girl is alive, just the possibility that she's alive, however technically unethical it may be, we've got to get on the same side here." Well, if Helen had just managed to work in a "let's think outside the box," I might have confused her for a Marketing Manager instead of a DA. Bobby's exasperated: "He's not going to give." He sighs. Helen strokes his ego: "You've got to make him, Bobby. Nobody is better at this than you." Yeah, right: nobody is better at being a self-righteous, pompous, know-it-all, pain-in-the-ass, self-centered, egomaniacal Emperor than our Rod. If he can't do it, nobody can. Eugene calls Bobby aside: "This is a good cop/bad cop, don't fall for it." The Emperor retorts, "But she's right, Eugene. We have to be on the same side a little here." Then Eugene insists Bobby put the girl out of his mind, and advises him to think about his client or get the hell off the case. For once, the Emperor seems to listen to reason: "I need something to take back to him." Richard is unimpressed: "There is no deal if the girl is dead." With a heavy heart, and shockingly, no theme music, Bobby dismisses both of them with a quick step and a closed door. Richard mutters, "Dammit." Oh, so sad, poor little runty runt didn't get his way. If you weren't such a hothead, maybe things might actually get solved on your watch, Richard. Now that's a lesson for you.

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