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Ellenor and Jimmy are in Judge Hiller's office, asking her to declare Scott Wallace undeniably innocent. Judge Zoey wants to know upon what basis she can make such a ruling. Ellenor trots out the whole "innocent until proven guilty" line, but is interrupted by Hiller stating she can't make a "finding" of innocence. The Lump informs Hiller that Scott's lost his job and is about to lose his house. Not surprisingly, Zoey doesn't grant the motion. Would you? He most certainly could have killed his wife even if he vehemently denies that he did not.

Whoosh. We haven't seen one of those in a while. Lucy and Lindsay, the "Stalksey Twins," are trying to convince Helen to arrest William "All My Victims" Hinks. After a minuscule amount of convincing, Helen agrees to scare the pants off of Mr. Serial Killer.

The Firm. Rebecca "Token" Washington is filling Bobby in on the events of the day. From the concern in his voice, you know they are talking about William Hinks. Rebecca isn't confident that Helen can actually do anything, but she does advise Bobby to "change his locks." In the middle of a long, pregnant, painful pause, while we watch Bobby suck in his cheeks like a Calvin Klein model, a man bursts into the office. You know, he does that whole "I'm going to throw the door open and not close it so that I can make an entrance" entrance. The kind of entrance Richard has pretty much patented up until now. Oh, it's Alessa's father. Oh, Bobby insists he can't talk to him. Oh, The Elegy For Alessa burns up the soundtrack. More tense "do you know where my daughter is" dialogue ensues. There are more shots of the Emperor shaking his head. Then there are more suggestions that the poor girl is already dead. And that's not all, no matter how much I'd love to go on to the next paragraph; Bobby continues: "Mr. Engel, are you willing to help me get her back?" Ah, duh? Does a rocking chair have a wooden ass? Bobby "PR" Donnell insists, "With more public pressure on the DA's office they might make a deal." We can sense the urgency in his voice: "And you could help generate that pressure." Pul-ease. Hey, Bobby? Christianity already has one god; it doesn't need another.

Speaking of the DA, we're in with Kate, who is reviewing a press release written by Bobby and Alessa Engel's father. Team "Francis" plays hardball. Team "DA" doesn't like their tactics. Team "ragdoll" doesn't care. Kate: "If you do this, you'll be admitting to any potential juror in Massachusetts that your client is a kidnapper." Kate pauses: "I've never heard of anything so stupid." She pauses, again. And again, and then speaks: "They'll take away your bar card. I'll make sure of it." What. Ever. Isn't she like the eight-hundredth person to threaten to take away someone's bar card, and the whole firm is still here. Bobby responds, "Do what you have to do." Because it's the Emperor's World and he'll write a press release if he has to, so there. Kate comes to the same conclusion as the other two DAs and states, "She's already dead." They posture. They shoot some "you could be right/wrong" banter back and forth. Then Bobby gives them two hours to make up their minds about the deal. Wham. Bam. Slam. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Kate grills the remaining lawyers about searching Francis's house and van. Richard reports they've come up empty. They have absolutely no evidence to tie him to Alessa. None. Richard complains, "Kate. We're one day into the case." Stepping up from her role as window dressing, Helen pipes up, "We might lose the bail hearing, in which case, he goes free." Kate doesn't like that very much and forces Richard to sign the plea agreement. Richard refuses. Then Kate grabs a pen and signs the damn thing herself: "Fax this to Bobby Donnell and get that girl back."

Whoosh. The Firm. Scott Wallace doesn't take Judge Hiller's anti-ruling very well. He throws up his hands in disgust. Ellenor throws out some hope: "We're going to take one shot with Duvall. He agreed to a meeting without his lawyer." Scott is chewing on his hand. He claims Duvall isn't going to change his mind. Jimmy wants to know for certain if Scott and Harry were friends, or did they just pretend? Scott: "Well, we had lunch together every day. Our wives were even close." He takes a power step toward the conference table: "And after they all pulled away." Pout. Pause. Blah dee blah the jury found me not guilty, blah dee blah doesn't that mean anything. Blah dee blah the police have made a mistake, blah dee blah he's being discriminated against, blah dee blah there is no existing legal remedy, blah dee blah he has to eat the bigotry. That's right, people, DEK has written "eat the bigotry" in relation to Scott Freaking Wallace. His Symphony screams as he pounds the table: "I will not let that be my life!" Ellenor tries to calm him down: "Let us take one last shot with Mr. Duvall. He's going to be here tonight at eight." Hurry up and wait, let's get this damn storyline over with.

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