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The Honorable Man

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The Honorable Man

The episode opens at The Firm. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti hangs up his phone and tells his client, a look-alike Mr. Keaton from Family Ties, that they turned it down. The lawyer thinks "it" would go away for "one-seventy-five." His client can't up the deal; he thinks that amount of money would break him: "I got no coverage for this, Jimmy." He sweats. The Lump responds that he knows, but that if they did go to trial, it would only cost him the price of Jimmy's time. "I don't mean the cost of the trial. I mean, would we win?" Mr. Keaton asks. "I don't know, Peter," Jimmy says, "legally it's an invasion of privacy." Peter's visibly upset: "He has a deadly disease!" His hand hitting the desk as he speaks the "deadly disease" part. Again, Jimmy asserts that he's not sure they'd win if they went to trial. Peter decides to take that chance: "Let's go to trial."

Whoosh. We haven't even started yet and we're already whooshing to a second plotline. Lindsay, wearing all baby blue (icky), and Eugene are speaking with a client in jail. We can only see the back of the client's head as he complains about the deal from the prosecution: "I ain't taking Murder II, why should I take that? I'm not taking that. Why should I take that. That's life." This guy's on speed. Eugene responds, "I'm not necessarily recommending it, Alex, I'm just making you aware of the state's offer. Plus, with Murder II, there is some possibility of parole; Murder I --" He's interrupted by Alex imitating Stuttering John: "They'll kill me in prison! I know what happens to people like me in prison, they'll kill me in prison, you have to beat this!" The lawyer responds that he doesn't think he can beat this -- the woman he killed was the daughter of a college chancellor. The case has garnered a lot of publicity. "I didn't! I didn't do it!" Okay, the woman he allegedly killed. "They don't assign Helen Gamble to cases for her charm." ["Word." -- deborah] Alex "Two-Two and the Hooded Fang" slams both of his fists on the table in front of him and asserts again that he didn't do it, and that it's Eugene's job to make "them" see that. "Even still you have to realize how it looks. The police discovered you with the body --" Alex Two-Two interrupts again, "She was already dead!" He's pointing his finger and sweating: "I didn't do it! She was already dead!" Eugene isn't convinced: "So you just found a dead woman in a dumpster and decided to have sex with her?" Oh, gross -- so he finds a young woman, already obviously violated, and then violates her again? Nice. Well, this scumbag doesn't want to go down for Murder II, especially if all he did was try out a little dinky-dunking with a dead girl. Eugene and Lindsay are both disgusted. The former explains that some clothes are going to be sent over for him to wear into court while the latter states: "We're going have to get you to take a shower." Why? "Because you stink, Mr. Dixon. You reek." Alex Two-Two doesn't like that too much: "You think I'm some kind of animal. That's what you think. Ms. Dole. A human being." Lindsay doesn't look convinced. Frankly, neither am I.

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