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Lindsay is advising Helen about her relationship with Bobby. She says it's good that he's holding back, because he always goes for the wrong girls, knowing he won't fall too deeply for them. She argues that Bobby's scared with Helen because something could really develop. I think it could just be the scary tight bun her hair's in, but what do I know? Helen thinks it's ridiculous. Lindsay insists she should be patient. Helen says, "You know what I think we should do? Remember the time..." Lindsay exclaims, "Forget it!" Helen says her birthday's coming up and she's been wondering what to get her. Lindsay says, "Three words, Helen: For. Get. It!" Helen's all smiles as Lindsay takes off. She says, "Okay...your loss." I'm not entirely sure what that's about, and I don't want to know, either.

Bobby's washing his hands. Eugene appears at the sinks, and Bobby says he has to go after their client. Eugene says he knows the strategy. He hasn't told Aaron about it, though. Bobby seems less than thrilled to realize that Aaron has no idea what he's in for.

Back in the courtroom, with Aaron on the stand, Bobby asks, "Why'd you have to jump in? You weren't involved." Aaron says he's been stopped so many times for no other reason than being black that he couldn't stand it when he saw what they were doing to this kid. Bobby goes back and forth, badgering and inflaming Aaron with his questions, until Miss Hart wonders whether Bobby's declaring his own witness hostile. Aaron insists that he was trying to stop things and that they just got out of control, and Bobby keeps badgering, and finally Aaron's yelling. The judge tells the jury to disregard the last exchange and informs Bobby that his theatrics might play in Boston but not in Wellesley. Bobby then dredges up Aaron's conviction: he and some of his friends beat up a black janitor when they were around eighteen. The prosecutor objects, both on the grounds of relevancy and the fact that the conviction is twenty years old. Bobby yaps about his group contagion theory, expert testimony, blah blah blah. Bobby says Aaron and his friends were drinking. They beat the janitor half to death, and Bobby asks him why. Aaron doesn't know. Bobby then asks if Aaron knew that his actions were being videotaped that day in the Saveworld drugstore; he did. Bobby gets up in his face about why, if he knew that, he didn't control himself or alter his actions, until Aaron explodes, "I don't know!" The jury looks slightly uncomfortable with this burst of anger. Bobby then says, "Could it be that you lost...control?" Aaron glares and seethes silently. Bobby remarks, "You look like you're ready to lose it now." Why didn't he just wheel Aaron out in a big cage, naked and hungry, and shove sharp sticks into the cage at him? Because really, it would have been much the same.

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