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Written by: David E. MachiaKelley

Ellenor tells Myra she thinks it's a silly lawsuit. Myra politely and tactfully (um, not cubed) tells her, "Silly? Well! Maybe you're just trivializing the importance of a honeymoon because it helps you cope with the likelihood that you'll never have one." Ellenor splutters, "I beg your pardon?" Myra rants on, "What was I thinking, coming here, expecting you to embrace the idea of sex being important in a union?" Oh, good lord. Ellenor tells her not to turn it on her. Myra says Ellenor's the one turning it, having just called her stupid. Ellenor didn't call her stupid, she just said it was silly to prosecute a travel agent. Myra says Ellenor doesn't have a clue; Ellenor asks, "About what?" Myra then says, "You know what, Ellenor? Probably the only long-term sexual relationship you've ever had has been with your left hand. It was a mistake to come here. Goodbye." Myra starts to march out. Ellenor looks as indignant as you would expect. She walks after her and says, "Myra?" Myra turns around with a snotty look on her face and says, "Yes?" Ellenor punches her right in the face. Even though the whole storyline has just been a weak excuse for Ellenor to punch her, I'm still gleeful when she does it. Myra's down for the count, and Ellenor says, "Never insult the left," shaking her fist out. Lindsay and Gracie's lawyer and Gracie rush in to see what the commotion is; Ellenor walks out, saying, "She tripped." Myra flops around on the floor like a stoned trout. Gracie snorts, and everybody enjoys a good giggle.

Bobby's ripping a strip off Eugene for his closing, saying he should lose his license for a stunt like that. That's rich, considering the source. Eugene tells him to take his license. He quickly pulls out a piece of paper and rips it up and throws the pieces around. Bobby asks whether he told the client he was going to pull that. "Did you ask me?" Eugene says he didn't need to ask. Bobby: "The hell you didn't! He comes before your black pride, Eugene! If he goes to jail..." Eugene counters, "Then we got grounds for appeal! You can argue his lawyer was a deviant!" Bobby accuses him of being irresponsible. Finally Aaron's had enough: "All right!" Aaron says he's not sure he could have lived with an acquittal on the contagion defense, anyway. Bobby insists that Eugene should have asked Aaron about it. Aaron says he didn't need to. Mrs. Wilton sticks her head in to say the jury's back.

The foreman reads the verdict: on the first charge of voluntary manslaughter, they find him not guilty. On the second charge of aggravated mayhem, they find him not guilty. On the third charge of felony assault, they find him not guilty. Oh, good grief. Not even felony assault? What a crock this entire case is. These people must have some really big swimming pools. Aaron leans over the table a bit in relief as various members of the peanut gallery clap and cheer. The judge dismisses the jury and adjourns the court. Aaron gives Eugene a big hug, and then embraces his wife, picking her right up off the floor. What, no bear hug for Bobby?

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