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Written by: David E. MachiaKelley

After the last bunch of commercials, Eugene goes into a room where Bobby's standing and staring out the window. Bobby says, "I think your closing did it." You think? Eugene says, "Thanks." Bobby asks if Eugene wants to talk to the press on this. Eugene tells him to do it: "You're better at spin. You do it." Bobby then states, "Eugene, you claim I don't understand. I'll accept that, I will. I don't understand what it's like to be subjected over and over and over again...I'll accept I'll never get that. But you know, a man did die here, and the 'I've had it' theory as a defense to manslaughter...I'll never understand that, either." Eugene responds: "Just a legal strategy. You got yours, and I, uh...I got mine." Bobby: "Yeah. But yours came from your heart. I pulled mine out of my ass." Yeah, okay, not the last sentence. Eugene leaves.

Now we have to be subjected to Bobby on the news, blathering about their strategy and spinning just the hugest line of BS: "We simply sought the jury's understanding of Aaron Wilton's state of mind at the time of the event. That understanding between a white jury and a black defendant can only be construed as a positive outcome, beyond the guilt or innocence of one man. It's a larger statement for our Commonwealth and our country." We see Eugene turn off the television on which he's watching this drivel, and a tear slowly rolls down his face from his right eye. He wonders to himself: "I signed a four-year contract. What was I thinking?" For some reason I'm reminded of that commercial from the seventies where all the pollution makes the Native American man cry. We see Eugene from the back in a darkened room, as the camera moves away from him. He's sobbing. You and me both, pal.

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