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Written by: David E. MachiaKelley

Aaron and his wife show up at the law office, only to be informed by Eugene that the security guard that Aaron defenestrated has died. Aaron takes the news about the way you'd expect. His wife starts to cry. Eugene tells Aaron he's going to have to surrender him to the police, because they're revoking bail and raising the charge to manslaughter. Aaron's wife starts freaking. Aaron asks how they can do that. Eugene explains they can do that because the guy's dead now, and that they knew this could happen. Aaron says he didn't mean for the man to die. Eugene insists that nothing's changed as far as their case goes; he was assaulted first and defended himself in a fight. Aaron can't believe Eugene's saying that nothing's changed: "A man is now dead, Eugene. A white man killed by a black man. Nothing's changed?" He sits down, and his wife rushes over to him.

After some commercials, we're back to Myra and her petty problems. Myra breezes in ahead of Ellenor. Ellenor tells her to go in, sit down, and she'll be right with her. She hangs back a bit, and Lindsay comes up behind Ellenor. Ellenor says, as she watches Myra flounce off, "Incredible wardrobe, straight As, perfect figure...every time I saw her, she had another drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend." Lindsay says, "I hated girls like that." Ellenor says that when she was twelve, Myra took her and all her other cousins behind the garage to teach them how to pop their zits, but really, Myra just wanted to count Ellenor's. Um, ew. Lindsay asks if Ellenor doesn't want to go in there and just muss up her hair. Yeah, that should make up for years of getting the short end of the stick. Ellenor sighs and says she shouldn't be so catty. We see Myra primping and powdering her nose. Ellenor insists Myra's fine, that she likes her, she's you know, she's not, she's just uh, she's fine. Lindsay says, "Nice try." Scenes like this do nothing to undermine my suspicions about the superficiality of DEK's grasp of women. Just then, Eugene comes back in with Bobby, Jimmy, Aaron, and Aaron's nameless wife in tow. Eugene tells Aaron, "No talking to the press." Lindsay goes up to Bobby and asks how it's going with Helen. Bobby looks suspiciously at Lindsay and asks, "Why? What'd she say?" Lindsay says Helen said nothing. She then asks about how the case is going, and he says, "Don't ask."

Ellenor takes some coffee into her meeting with Myra. Myra's laying out receipts supporting her various claims, or maybe just every cent she spent on the honeymoon. She says the total is $6,020.12, and that doesn't include what they expect for hardship and emotional trauma. She wordlessly pushes away the cup of coffee Ellenor offers her. Ellenor just barely manages to keep from rolling her eyes. She states that these cases are hard to put a price on, and suggests that they try to go for reimbursement on the hotel. Myra then says, "Ellenor, I love you, and forgive me for saying this, but you need to understand, this thing, sex, can be very important in a couple's relationship, and without it there can be strain in the marital bed. My marital bed." Please, Ellenor, just kill her now. Or at least throw that hot coffee right in her face. Ellenor wonders whether there wasn't any premarital sex. Myra says of course there was, all the time, but that's not the point. Ellenor suggests they take a look at other forfeited aspects of the honeymoon. Myra wonders what Ellenor's on about. Ellenor explains that perhaps she was prevented from doing tourist-y things because of the pulled hamstring. Myra says dismissively, "I don't know." Ellenor suggests snorkeling and sailing. Myra can get on board with that. You can just tell, though, that she's one of those women who would never undertake an activity that might involve getting her hair wet, and would pout all day if it did happen.

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