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Ellenor asks if she and Warren (or possibly Orrin, hard to tell which name they're saying) play any sports. Myra has no idea; she thinks Warren has a tennis racquet. Ellenor asks about bicycling. Myra: "Irritates, I get a yeast flare-up. Is this really necessary?" Ellenor explains she's just trying to establish her expectations for the honeymoon. Myra starts packing up her things as Ellenor suggests that it would be helpful if she could write up a list of things that they wanted to do. Myra says she's only been with the guy four and a half months, it's not like she knows him inside out. Much as I think this chick would undoubtedly marry someone she barely knew, I can't imagine she'd be the type to spend any less than eighteen months planning a wedding, which leaves me to presume she's one of those women who plans the wedding and buys the dress and all that long before she's even engaged, and then just slots the guy in like a Ken doll. All of which makes me like her even less, as if that were humanly possible. She gets up and kind of kisses Ellenor on the forehead, if by "kiss" you mean "smushes the area between the lower lip and chin against another person's forehead, while making a mumbly-nuzzly noise and saying something along the lines of 'moosh.'" It's an odd and obnoxious gesture, so it fits Myra perfectly. She buzzes out, leaving Ellenor looking slightly irked.

In court, Bobby, Eugene, and the prosecuting attorney are having a sidebar with the judge. Bobby's complaining that they can't just switch from assault to homicide in the middle of a trial. Prosecutor says they were on notice about this from the beginning. Eugene says it should be a mistrial. The prosecutor argues that it's the same facts and the same case. Blah di blah, the judge finally says that the trial's going to continue. Bobby claims it's "unprecedented" to add a charge in mid-trial. Somehow I doubt that. The judge says it may be irregular but it's not unprecedented, and he can take it up on appeal. The prosecutor looks smug.

We cut to the prosecutor questioning a black cop, asking him to describe the scene when he arrived at the store. He says lots of people were running out of the store with merchandise while others were running in, and that's when he saw the body come through the window. The prosecutor asks if that would be the body of the deceased, Mr. Roman Rosemont (or something like that; the closed captioning for this episode sucks). He confirms this. She asks whether he saw who actually hurled the body through the window. Eugene objects, claiming counsel has not established that the victim was actually hurled through the window, or otherwise acted upon. Um, how about that video footage where we see Aaron hurl the guy through the window? The judge overrules this. The prosecutor, whose name I wish I knew, asks the officer what he saw; he says he saw Aaron standing on the other side of the window. She asks if Aaron said anything to him; Aaron whispers to Bobby, who objects on the basis that she's leading the witness. She offers to rephrase, and asks the officer what Aaron did when he saw him standing there in the window. Bobby objects to the form of this question, too. She asks, "What happened when Mr. Wilton saw you?" The officer replies, "He said, 'Whose side are you on, brother? You should be helping us to burn this place down.'" Everyone at the defense table looks sheepish. She asks what the officer thinks he meant by that; Bobby objects. The judge overrules. The officer believes Aaron wanted him to join him and the others in destroying the store. Seems like an unlikely thing of which to try to convince a cop. The jury looks concerned and uncomfortable, as do Bobby, Eugene, and Aaron. The prosecutor thanks the officer and sits down. The Piano Music Of Damning Evidence plinks.

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