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Written by: David E. MachiaKelley

Back at the office, Bobby paces and announces, "We're in trouble." Eugene, going over some files, says they took a hit but they can recover. Bobby thinks they need to buy some time. For what, exactly? Eugene says they can start with the customers in the store, and then he says a few things that sound almost as if they're being spoken underwater. This tape must be shot. I totally can't understand him, and the closed captioning, as I mentioned, is no help whatsoever. It sounds like the name "Andrew Jackson" is in there somewhere. I believe he's saying something about getting customers to claim that the manager provoked Aaron. Bobby insists that the jury just heard "intent to commit," and any liberal sympathy they had is gone: "He's the 'angry black killer' now. Let's not kid ourselves." Jimmy, always thinking, suggests that they go with that as a defense strategy. He cites the Reginald Denny beating in Los Angeles, and says they got those guys off using what was called a "social deviance defense." Lindsay looks mildly horrified and gets up and walks over. Jimmy explains, "As angry black men, they had this right to explode." Well. Could this possibly be more offensive? I'm thinking it's probably good that ragdoll's not recapping this one, because I think she might explode. Eugene looks pretty irked. Bobby and Lindsay look intrigued. Jimmy says defensively that it's not his theory. Bobby, never one to miss an opportunity to employ a low-down, controversial, and offensive defense strategy, orders Jimmy to look it up. Eugene looks exasperated. Bobby blathers something about a Dr. Alvin Traub who was the expert on the Hilburn case. Lindsay protests that they don't have a Reginald Denny situation here, but rather an upper middle-class, college-educated defendant. Eugene adds that they've spent the last two weeks building a case to support the image of Aaron as an upstanding citizen, and wonders if they're going to "chuck all that and make him the poster boy for Negro inferiority." Well, in a word, yes. Bobby says it's an option, maybe the only one they have left. Eugene argues, "He won't do it, he's too proud." Bobby says fifteen years to life is a high price to pay for pride. Eugene looks at Bobby with disgust in his eyes but turns away, saying nothing. Bobby tells Jimmy to look into whether they can still argue diminished capacity, reasoning that they should be able to since the prosecution added homicide. Bobby then says to Eugene that he thinks they at least have to "take it to them," by which I assume he means take the idea of this defense to the Wiltons. Eugene looks pissed. Here's an idea: why don't you kick Bobby's obnoxious white ass into next month, and then try out this "angry black man" defense?

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