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Hookers, Narcissistic Disorders, and Murderers

Previously on The Practice: Jennifer Cole, a crack-addicted prostitute, asks for Jimmy's help while eight months pregnant. Her hair is very dirty. She begs Jimmy to get her out of jail. He'll help her, but only if she'll go into rehab "immediately." She has the baby. She's still smoking rock. She apologizes, which makes it all better? Whatever. Joey Heric kills a couple of his lovers by stabbing them in the chest with kitchen knives. A shrink diagnoses Joey with narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone bandies the word "narcissistic" about for a while. Helen cross-examines Joey hard with her pre-Botox lips. The jury lets Joey Heric go. He smiles, because it's fun to get away with murder.

The Firm. It's night. Eerie after-hours music plays. Hark, do we hear the ominous sounds of a murderer approaching? Of course we do! What would The Practice be if it were not for pathetic fallacy? Of course, it's raining. That means there's trouble brewing. Yawn. From outside the window, we see Ellenor "Supermom" Frutt feeding Zoë her dinner at the office because she just doesn't have the time to go home anymore. Eugene witnesses the scene from behind his co-worker and remarks, "Gosh! She's really getting a personality!" He smiles. We're inside the office now. Rod comes out from his office and announces, "All right. I'm out of here." Instantly, the door opens and Joey Heric in all his glory appears. He glides into the office like an Olympic snowboarder. Don't worry; he's waiting for the right time to display his tricks. Joey smiles. Ellenor snaps, "Who'd you kill?" Joey responds, "Good to see you too, Ellenor. Have you put on weight?" Gah. Her face turns to stone. Camryn Manheim does that look very, very well. She says, "We're busy, Joey. Who'd you kill?" He pouts, because he was looking for good-humoured greetings and salutations. The three lawyers stand in a row, staring at Joey like a firing squad. He looks at the baby and asks, "Whose is that?" Ellenor snaps, "Mine." Pause. "What are you doing here?"

Joey steps further into the room, acting all excited to see the baby. Bobby stops him. It's Rod's turn to ask Joey what the hell he's doing at The Firm. Joey grins and says, "Why don't we start by asking where I've been for the last three years?" John Larroquette licks his lips. Thank you, John Larroquette, for rescuing me this week. I owe you one. Joey continues, "Law school." Then he smirks, "Ta-da! Passed the bar in February. We're now all learned brothers." Bobby doesn't believe it. He asks incredulously, "You're a lawyer?" Joey responds, "And a good one, so far." Eugene: "Wait, wait, wait -- you went to law school and took the bar exam?" Joey does more smirking. He should patent that smirk, because it's perfect. Correct: Joey is a lawyer. He seems to have graduated in better time than Rebecca. Apparently, going to law school was his therapist's idea. The doctor thought that helping other people get away with murder would wean Joey off his own nasty habit of gutting his lovers. Joey: "I've got a case now. That's why I'm here." Rod is shocked: "Case? What kind of case?" Joey responds, "Homicide." Smirk. "I don't slum." Pause. "The problem I'm having is this: I think the kid might actually be innocent, and as good as I am, my conscience says I should bring someone else on board with experience." Ellenor's disbelief is unwavering: "So in addition to getting a law degree, you also picked up a conscience?" Joey cracks, "Drives like new, hardly any miles on it." Heh. Joey steps toward Rod. He's being serious now. He could really use Bobby's help. Oh, and the trial starts tomorrow. Rod: "Tomorrow?" Joey says he's ready, but he doesn't want to screw up a kid's life if his lawyering is not up to speed. He says, "You. Me. Ellie. It'll be fun! It's like old times." Except this time, Joey's on the other side of the bench. Now this is going to be fun, judging from the long faces I see before me.

I have given up all hope of ever seeing Hunky D.A. again. What have I done to deserve this? No, really. What have I done? Must DEK consistently rob me of everything I love about television?

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