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The Not-So-Long Road Home

Previously on The Practice: William Hinks freaks everyone out by being obsessed with Lindsay. The Emperor Rod decides to take the law into his own hands and sends known murderer Alan Neal over to "talk" to Hinks. William ends up dead. Very, very dead -- put-his-severed-head-in-the-freezer dead. Detective Mike rounds up Neal, shows him they've got him on audiotape, and forces him into taking a deal. Consequently, Neal rats out Robert Donnell, who is subsequently charged for the murder of the serial killer. The DA's office is out for "payback." In a moment of what can only be described as weakness, Bobby anoints Eugene faux Emperor as they charge ahead with Rod's case. The DA's office throws Bobby a bone, but he refuses to plead out. The Emperor is going to trial.

The Fake Courthouse. Reeking of Scott Wallace, the Emperor stands mournfully in an empty courtroom. It's snowing outside. Those big, fake snowflakes that refuse to melt when they end up in someone's hair or on someone's clothes are tumbling down outside. Eugene slowly approaches Bobby, who asks, "How did you know I was here?" With his winter coat slung over his arm, Eugene replies, "You always used to come here. Me too for that matter." The Emperor waxes on about the past, and then waxes off about his current predicament. Oh, the wasted dreams of youthful lawyers. Oh, who cares, it was tired when we went through it with Scott Wallace, and it's tired when we're going through it here. He's the star of the damn show; he's not going to be convicted. And if he is convicted, I'll eat my boyfriend's shoes. They really, really stink, too. Eugene goes over the strategy for Bobby's trial. He doesn't think it's a good idea for Rod to testify. If they introduce character evidence, the whole sordid mess about the drug bust where the police officers got killed would be brought into evidence. Bobby wants to know what he's missing: "It's my word against Neal's. He's a felon." Good point. Ole Blue Eyes But Without The Charm prattles on about having to make reasonable doubt. Eugene intones, "They have the audio tape." It incriminates Bobby. The mere mention of the word "audio" summons the Melody of Miserable Miscreants. "Can we win, Eugene?" The fact that Bobby is a lawyer stops him from being able to figure out his own freaking case. Eugene doesn't know. Twinkle, twinkle goes the piano. "Their offer is still on the table." With the force of a thousand winds from Florida behind him, Rod states, "No." He's not pleading, no matter how many people beg him just to throw in the towel and take the DA's offer.

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