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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The Firm. Lucy and Lindsay are embracing. They knew Bobby would win! They just knew it! There is some inane conversation, and then Rebecca notices a tape recorder sitting on Lucy's desk. It was delivered in the mail today, and it didn't have a card or anything. For want of anything better to do, Rebecca presses play. Up pops William Hinks. He says, "Hello Lindsay. If you're getting this, it's at the instructions of my probate attorney, that means I must be dead. That's unfortunate." Heh. He rambles on about having the last laugh: "This is my insurance policy. See you soon!" Rebecca drops the recorder on the desk and screams, "Get out! Go!" And the two of them are barely able to move ten feet before the recorder explodes. That's right. It explodes in the office, tearing the place to shreds, causing some good old electrical explosions, and dropping fire on everyone's desks. Damn. That's not good.

Next week on The Practice: Someone from Boston Public sues someone. Ellenor is their lawyer. Yes, it's the crossover event of the season. Yawn.

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