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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The theme song sounds like something Ross would play on his synthesizer at the coffee shop. It makes my fillings hurt.

The Firm. Helen is briefing the defense about DA Toome. She explains that he stays very neutral. Is this ethical? One team ratting out a member of the other team? Helen advises the lawyers not to try getting emotional; it won't work. Toome also doesn't object too much: "If he doesn't need to preserve something for appeal, he stays quiet." Lindsay "There's No Business Like Woe Business" Dole looks like she's about to burst into tears. Ellenor grumbles, "Great." And Eugene rallies the troops: "Come on, let's go." It's Day One of The Emperor's Final, Very Last, This Is The End Of The Line, How Many Times Can One Man Get Arrested, He's Really Innocent, Trial. Everyone pushes their chairs back and heads out of the conference room. Eugene asks Lucy if all of their bags are packed. Yes! Captain, sir! She inquires whether or not being on call for her rape crisis center will be a problem. Two sets of eyes roll: Bobby's and Eugene's. Rebecca pipes up: "I thought you were just in training?" The Emperor thought she was just working nights. Well, she finished training and she is volunteering nights. This is a one-time occurrence because a counselor came down with a mysterious illness. Ellenor rests her hand on her hip and drones, "We need you on call here." Lucy doesn't think it's a big deal: "They probably won't be calling me anyway." Which loosely translates to: They'll be calling in the next hour. See, DEK can't leave a hint like that open-ended, because that would be television travesty. Then the schmarm starts: Rebecca hugs Bobby and wishes him the best; Jimmy tells the Emperor he'd rather be there too. Eugene tells them they can't have an army. They need some lawyers back at The Firm earning the money to pay for the fancy lifestyles everyone has become accustomed to living. A humble Emperor appreciates everyone's support. Then Team Defense rushes out to court.

There we see Eugene, Ellenor, and Bobby walking down the hall. Eugene is briefing Rod as the gang walks toward the elevator. He tells Bobby that there are lots of reporters on the sixth floor, and Rod should simply walk through them, looking humble but like a winner. Huh? As if Bobby could manage "humble" any day. Call it "haughty" and we've got a winning expression. As the three of them are headed up in the elevator, Detective Mike stops the closing doors and wrestles his way onto the car. The silence is cutting. Eugene and Bobby give him a simultaneous stink-eye. Traitor! Mike stands with his back to the crew. He can feel the Emperor's steely blue eyes boring their way into his back. It's the knife I bet Rod wished he had handy. Oh, wait, right, it's Neal who goes around killing people, not Bobby. Channeling a grade-three schoolyard brawl, Bobby growls, "Thanks a lot, Mike." Eugene chastises him, but that doesn't stop a Rod on a roll: "We're friends." This time it's Ellenor who begs him to stop. A painful silence surrounds the group as the elevator climbs steadily upwards.

Detective Mike is on the stand. DA Toome is questioning him. Could they have picked a worse name for the DA? Any. Way. Mike explains to the jury how Lindsay believed she was being stalked. How many times did Mike detain Hinks at the request of the defendant or the defendant's wife? It was three times. The camera pauses for an instant on Lindsay "When Opportunity Sobs" Dole. She looks like someone who just lanced an open wound with a soldering iron. "For the record," Toome says, because nothing in open court is, um, RECORDED by a stenographer or anything, "Bobby Donnell and Lindsay Dole are friends of yours, is that correct?" Mike replies that they've always been on friendly terms. Toome thinks it's not easy for Mike to be sitting there accusing his friend of murder. Eugene objects. The judge sustains. Apparently, Toome is being a bit too cheeky. Walking forward toward the witness box, the DA asks Mike to recount the last conversation he had with "the defendant" regarding William Hinks. There's a shot of Bobby holding his jaw so tight that he's about to shatter all of his pearly white teeth. The detective explains that Rod was very upset that day. He explains how both Bobby and his wife were agitated and in fear. Mike claims that Bobby said, "Get this guy." Toome: "What was your response?" We see the Emperor sigh and shift in his chair. You can tell he's dying to jump up and cross-examine Detective Mike himself; he just can't stand to have to sit there and be quiet. Mike finally gets to the point. When Bobby said, "Get him!" that didn't mean, "Arrest him!" but "Go and whack the shit out of him." We pause again to catch a glimpse of Lindsay "A Simple Whine" Dole peer sadly down at her feet. Toome thanks Detective Mike and sits back down at his table. As intimidating as ever, Eugene starts his questioning from his chair: "Well, what did you read it as?" Mike wasn't sure. The lawyer continues, "Are you in the business of roughing people up, Detective?" Mike says no. "Killing them?" No. "Arresting them." Yes. Eugene gets up from his chair and walks toward the witness box. Could Bobby have just been suggesting that Mike should "do what he does?" Had Bobby ever asked Mike to do anything illegal? No. Then for the love of Pete, what was the problem? It is possible that when Bobby said, "Get this guy?" he actually meant, "Arrest the guy"? Mike concurs. Ragdoll wishes they would move the hell on. Detective Mike is so totally irrelevant to this case. Blah dee blah serial killers, blah dee blah Lindsay was in trouble, blah dee freaking blah. Enough.

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