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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The hospital. Caroline, the saintly nurse, comforts Lucy, because she's having a bad day -- never mind the poor girl who has just been raped and almost beaten to death. It's poor, poor Lucy. Caroline: "You should have told me it was your first. The doctor's almost ready for the exam. Are you coming back in?" After swabbing her face with a compress, Lucy makes some sort of inaudible "Argh" sound. The nurse wants to know if she needs to call the crisis center and get another counselor down there. No, she's okay; Caroline gives her the what-for. Lucy won't do anyone any good if she runs out of the room again. Yeah, get over yourself already, Lucy-cakes; it's hard, sure, but the poor thing in the exam room is most certainly having a WORSE day that you are. Lucy intones, "I'm fine." Caroline asks how old she is, and Lucy ignores her question: "Let's go." Only she doesn't look very convinced.

The Emperor's Last Dance. Eugene's cross-examining Neal. He asks Alan if he made a deal with the prosecution in exchange for his testimony. Neal snarks, "We covered that." In a tone all his own, Eugene smarts, "Yes. But it bears repeating." Pause. Step forward. Pause. "In all my years as a criminal attorney. I've never seen a case where a man breaks in, lies in wait, decapitates his victim and then gets off with manslaughter." Toome objects. The judge sustains the objection. After confirming that the police in fact have an audio tape of the killing and a video tape of Neal entering the house, Eugene summarizes, "Basically, they had you." Un-huh. So Neal decides to sell Bobby down the river so that he can save himself. Then Neal outright lies: "Look. I'm telling the truth here." Yeah, and I am the Queen of England. I'm the illegitimate daughter of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, only cuter and without the funny accent. How many times have you been convicted of murder? Neal says, "Once." Eugene continues, "Armed robbery?" He's not sure. Twice. Assault? The witness quips, "Look. I didn't bring my résumé." Three times. He claims he's telling the truth again. Again, I say: Yeah. Right. And after I claim my throne as the Queen of England, you might as well hand over Monaco too, because I'm also the illegitimate daughter of Princess Grace. Eugene continues, "Rape." Damn, Neal's quite the bad boy. He maintains his innocence on that charge. "Perjury?" Eugene's on a roll, because Neal's been convicted once for perjury too. He rolls of the litany of Neal's crimes: murder, rape, armed robbery, assault, and perjury. Eugene deadpans: "Have we left out anything, Mr. Neal?" Instead of spending every day of the rest of his miserable life in jail by making this deal, Neal gets to be a free man. All this for pointing the finger at the Master Finger Pointer, the Emperor Rod himself? Sweet. Eugene ate up Neal like fried chicken at a summer barbeque.

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