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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The Firm. Rebecca walks in on Lucy filing. There must be something seriously wrong with our perky little assistant, because she's actually working. Little Lucy tells her co-worker that she can't discuss it -- only she doesn't take her eyes off the files. Oh, there's some acting for you; it's the "pre-occupied means she's really upset about something" school of dramatic arts. Rebecca won't let it drop: "How did it go for you?" Lucy says she's quitting. She's just not cut out for it. Rebecca smarts, "Oh. And you know this after your very first day?" This can of non-whoop non-ass knocks Lucy out, and she spills the beans. She tells Rebecca how horribly she freaked out yesterday at the hospital. How she broke all kinds of rules and essentially alienated the victim in her time of need. Okay, she doesn't use the word "alienate," but if she could say that many syllables she probably would. So much for "rape counselor privilege." Lucy is determined to quit. Rebecca gives her a pep talk. A piano twiddles its thumbs, waiting for a solid gig at Carnegie Hall. After hearing that Lucy ran out of the room and then threw up in the hall, Rebecca asks, "Did you go back in?" Little Lucy nods. But she just wanted to run out again. Come on, this was her very first call. She really needs to give herself a break. Again, she blurts, "I'm just not cut out for it, Rebecca." Pretending to be Oprah, Rebecca intones: "I bet you are." Was that just a Hallmark moment that I missed?

Courthouse of Pain. Toome insinuates that he doesn't have a lot of questions. Everyone, including the Emperor, knows this is a bunch of bunk. He has lots of questions, even if they're all rhetorical. The District Attorney's version is a bit more dramatic, but we essentially go over the facts again. Rod states that he didn't tell Neal to kill Hinks. Toome doesn't believe him. Yeah, Neal was a known killer, and yeah, Bobby did send him over there, and, yeah, he did tell him not to kill Hinks, and, yes, it certainly sounds implausible, but that's really what happened. Why didn't Bobby tell the police that he thought Neal had killed Hinks? Well, because he was in shock. That's true. The morning after when we saw Bobby, he wasn't flailing his hands around anywhere; that's a sure sign of shock. Eugene objects. The judge, surprisingly, doesn't say anything. Toome leans in for the kill: "When you refused to tell the police who killed William Hinks, was it because you didn't want to incriminate yourself?" Bobby slants his head to one side: "Partly. Maybe." Toome grates the whole "why didn't you tell anybody what you were doing" issue for a while. I would have objected, because it seems like the DA is testifying. Bobby didn't want Lindsay involved because she was "on the verge of miscarrying." Now, all you doctors out there, correct me if I'm wrong, but when you're seven months pregnant and you give birth, it's not really called "miscarriage" anymore, is it? The baby would be premature, but could survive and be healthy, no? Toome goes in for the kill. Bobby tries to hold on, but he slips further and further into the non-suspenseful, non-shocking fact that he's the freaking star of the show and there's no way he'll end up in jail. Oh, and instead of looking upset this time, Lindsay just looks plain old pissed.

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