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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The Firm. And, my oh my, is she ever pissed. Jimmy asks Eugene how the case went this morning. Eugene thinks everything went okay. Lindsay "Battlestar Galactabitch" Dole storms over to scream, "It did not go okay, Eugene! They just put on their case uncontested while you just sat on your hands!" Both Eugene and Ellenor look confused, but that doesn't stop Mrs. Rod: "Both of you! If nothing else you should have at least objected." Ellenor interjects that there was nothing to object to. Lindsay screams, "You do it to break up their momentum, Ellenor!" Because in addition to being Mrs. Rod, she's now a professor of law specializing in courtroom argumentation. Yawn. Then she screams some more. And some more. "It was like you both went to sleep." Ah, now there's a glorious idea. Then the real truth comes out: Lindsay doesn't want to be having "this baby alone." Yawn that cracks my jaw in half. Her chin wobbles. She wants him "in the room with her." And with that, she stomps off to Bobby's office.

Where she throws herself on his couch. He says there was nothing they could do. Toome had an easy cross because he had the facts. Apparently, the truth hurts Rod. Well Bobby, the truth hurts us all. Now, shut up.

And go to commercials.

Jennifer Lopez's love might not cost a thing, but I wonder how much the devil paid for her soul?

The Courthouse of Pain. It's closing time again. The confession tape that exploits William Hinks at his sickest is playing. He's even creepy from beyond the grave. Eugene mounts his defense. They were dealing with a psychotic man who cuts off the heads of women. A man who couldn't be stopped by the police. Blah dee blah she convinced a jury he wasn't guilty, blah dee blah he killed his therapist, blah dee blah then he started stalking Lindsay, blah dee blah he showed up all over the place. The poor dog was strangled. Go Team Rod! Good closing by Eugene. It's a good thing Kelli Williams got pregnant for this season or Eugene wouldn't have any leverage at all. In a nutshell: Fear of God, people. Fear of God. Out trots Neal's record for the millionth time. Neal's word doesn't satisfy reasonable doubt. The fake jury does look convinced. Pause. Toome stands. And then he blathers on about being scared and the lack of justification for becoming a vigilante. Team Rod pulls far ahead. Even with the tape put into evidence, Eugene's closing was more effective. Toome looks like he's holding a grudge. He looks like the grudge is pushed so far up his ass that it hasn't seen the light of day in ten full years.

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