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The Not-So-Long Road Home

The Firm. Rebecca hangs up the phone and tells Jimmy and Lucy that the judge has just given instructions. They'll have the decision within the hour. We're on the edge of our seats. Just to add some serious cheese on top of the already crowded serving of macaroni and cheese this episode has piled onto my plate, Maddie, a.k.a. The Rape Victim, comes into the office. She asks if Lucy is Lucy. Of course she is Lucy. Lucy. Maddie just wanted to thank her for yesterday. She couldn't have gotten through the day without Little Lucy. Oh, pul-ease. Way to make even this feel trite and over-manipulated, DEK. The doctors, the nurses, the whole team couldn't have helped Maddie. It was the scrawny, barfing, terrified girl who pulled her through. What. Freaking. Ever.

A side room in the Courthouse of Pain. Bobby gnaws on his fingers. Lucy "O Sweet Wail O Mine" Dole looks glum. The DA knocks on the door and asks for Eugene, but the Emperor won't let him take his lawyers aside. If there's a deal on the table, he wants everyone to hear it. According to Rod, "they're all lawyers." The same deal he was offered last week is offered again. Eugene asks for a second, but I bet it's not to ask the music to shut the hell up. Lindsay gives him the smelliest of all stink-eyes. The tears start streaming. The Emperor again refuses to plead the case out. He just can't cop to something he didn't do. He asks Ellenor's advice. She feels good on felony murder but on conspiracy, well, she just doesn't know. Knock. Knock. Who's there? Banana? Banana who? Oh, hell, you know it is Toome at the door. I can't remember any knock-knock jokes right now. If you know any good ones, email me. Eugene asks for another minute to confer. They haven't got a minute, the jury's back: "Either you take the deal now or we go in there." Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Bobby says in a hushed voice, "We go in there."

The fake jury files in one by one. The Symphony of Second Chances rolls out the barrels and opts for a jolly good time. Helen makes an appearance for the verdict. The judge asks Bobby to stand. Oddly, he's a bit confused by this request, but stands up, looking somewhat discombobulated. The judge opens the verdict and takes a good long look. The fake foreman announces that Bobby is not guilty on all counts. How non-shocking. How non-surprising. How non-thrilling. With each verdict, the fake gallery goes "oh!" and then "ah!" and then "gobble gobble" like the turkeys they are. The judge whacks his gavel and adjourns the session. Toome looks disappointed. Bobby whispers, "Get me out of here!" as Lindsay clutches him tight. They race out of the courtroom, only to be greeted by a wealth of reporters wanting to know what happened. Bobby doesn't say anything. All four members of The Firm scramble into the elevator. Ellenor stutters, "That, ah, that went well." No one else says a word.

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