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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

The Firm. A young woman in a headset says, "Stand by for Larry." She rolls her hand over to Ellenor and counts down from three to one. Larry King arrives on the television set and says, "Tonight! High courtroom drama, with us now in Boston is Ellenor Frutt, attorney for Lindsay Dole." A split screen reveals Ellenor, with the caption "Boston" underneath her head. Okay. This case caused so much controversy that it's appearing on Larry King Live? What-freaking-ever. Ellenor says, "Good evening, Larry." Larry King says, "Ms. Frutt, your client shoots a former client and she's raised battered woman's syndrome as a defense?" Larry points at the screen like he's shooting his cameraman. The rest of the lawyers watch their co-worker intently on the television. Ellenor responds, "That's correct. We typically think of a battered woman as a wife, with the batterer being the husband. But the syndrome is not confined to domestic relationships." Wait. Larry's ready for his close-up; he says, "Okay, but how did Lawrence O'Malley batter her?" Ellenor states, "Well, without getting into the details of our defense, he threatened to kill her. My client was in reasonable fear for her life by the time Mr. O'Malley showed up." Larry is still pointing his finger; he continues, "And this is different from self-defense how?" Ellenor responds, "Self-defense would be an objective standard. Was it reasonable for a defendant to use reasonable force." Ellenor goes on to explain that they are using the syndrome as a subjective standard. Was it reasonable for Lindsay, in her particular mental state, to use force? That's really the question. It's in that distinction that BWS applies. Larry notes, "No love lost between you and the district attorney." Ellenor answers, "Kenneth Walsh is a fine prosecutor. But he typically lets his thirst for vengeance colour his actions and he's doing so here." Because Larry King is so "up" on the inner relationships between defense attorneys and the Boston district attorney. Man, this is so totally contrived.


Judge West's Chambers Where The Pain Begins (And Hopefully Ends). Walsh snaps, "It's a deliberate attempt to contaminate the jury! I want her gagged right now." That's sounds faintly sexual, if you ask me. I guess Walsh got wind of the "broadcast," and I use that term lightly. Ellenor argues, "Let's add free speech to the list of things you hate." Walsh snarks, "That wasn't free speech, Ellenor." The judge responds, "Let's wipe some of the foam off your mouth." I guess he's speaking metaphorically? Walsh continues, "She attacked me personally, Your Honour." Ellenor barks, "If you feel libeled, I suggest you sue me." Whew. I hope Walsh passes on that one. I couldn't stand it if we had any more court cases involving the same freaking people. They've already used up most of the combinations. Who else is left? Judge West is tired of their antics. He sighs, "This is not starting off well." Then he goes on to say how he is "loath" to issue gag orders. He also gets to the "heart" of the situation. Blah Walsh sucks when he's mad, blah Ellenor is attempting to make him mad, blah play nice in the sandbox blah. Again, Walsh insists that Ellenor is tainting the jury pool. The judge calms the D.A. by stating that he'll watch the tape and see if Ellenor really did go too far.

Outside The Judge's Chambers Where The Hallway Reeks Of Pain. Ellenor walks toward the elevator and pushes the button. Walsh sees her and storms over. He is very angry. He snaps, "You know, I'm tired of your piss-ass crap. I'm tired of your firm's piss-ass crap." Ellenor wipes the spit off of her cheek. "You made a big mistake, Ellenor, and your client's going to pay for it for the rest of her life." He looks her up and down. "You piss-ass scum crap dirt bastard." Whew. What a potty mouth. Anvil passes me a bar of soap so I can wash my hands. And what exactly is a "piss-ass scum crap dirt bastard" anyway?

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