The Practice
The Verdict

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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

The music carries over into the courtroom, where the jury has returned with their verdict. The room is packed. The media are ever-present. Eugene, Lucy, and Rebecca arrive. Helen is there too. Judge West asks, "Will the defendant please rise?" Lindsay stands up on her shaky legs. West asks if the jury has reached a unanimous verdict. The foreperson says, "We have, Your Honour." What do they say? On the count of murder in the first degree, they find the defendant guilty. Bobby grabs his wife. Ellenor gasps. The judge tells the bailiff to "take the defendant into custody." Then he thanks the jury for their service and bangs his gavel. He shouts, "This matter is adjourned." Bobby kisses his wife as the handcuffs are shackled around her wrists. The couple share a tender moment before they drag Lindsay away for a summer season in prison. You know next year it's all going to be about the appeal. This may be the end, but we all know it's far, far from over.

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The Practice




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