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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

The Firm. Rod turns off the television and turns to his wife. Are they talking? It's so hard to tell. Eugene walks in and says, "Can I have a second?" He goes on to state that Walsh may have had an ulterior motive for calling that motion. Bobby asks, "Which is?" Eugene responds, "To force you to take the stand. If [the jury] got that instruction, it would force you to take the stand." Apparently, it makes Eugene nervous that Walsh wants Rod to testify so badly. They continue to reason out the situation. Bobby says, "Or he wants us to think that so we don't testify." I'm dizzy. Are you dizzy? Are they saying anything? Lindsay says, "Shouldn't we go?" Eugene explains that he's staying at the office with Rebecca. They think it would look more sympathetic without "an army." Lindsay: "We went over this, Eugene." He's just going over it again. Why? Well, because he wants an excuse to tell Lindsay how much he cares about her. In case we didn't get it the first hundred times The Firm rallied around the poor woman. Blah he wants to be in the room, blah they all love her, blah every single one, blah whether they are at The Firm or in the room, blah they're with her blah. Eugene embraces Lindsay. Don't worry, he squeezes, they're ready for this trial. It's the trial of a lifetime, literally. Oh, yawn.

Suffering County Courthouse. The media descends the minute the team exits the elevator, blocking the pathway to the courtroom.

Walsh opens. He lets the jury in on a little secret. He's glad Lawrence O'Malley "took three in the chest." Blah cannibal, blah accused murderer, blah damaged, blah Lindsay did us all a favour blah. Walsh insists, "I would have liked to shoot him. But I wouldn't have. Neither would any of you." Because he knows every single juror intimately. Oh, the law is on his side and everything, yeah, yeah. Oh, there are rules against revenge killing, yeah, yeah. Oh, stop, we all know about the "rules" against shooting an unarmed man, Walsh. Yes. We understand. You are trying to convince them of Lindsay's guilt. Walsh's position: Lindsay executed O'Malley, and it's first-degree homicide.

Ellenor gets up and explains their argument. She opens with a little "Lindsay Dole doesn't even remember shooting Lawrence O'Malley." Then she tosses in a pinch of blackout on Lindsay's behalf. Gather this together with the rope of the previous events: a) the stabbing and b) William Hinks stalking her. What do you get? That's right, my pretties -- a battered woman. Oh, and don't forget that Lannibal Hector threatened to kill her. Ellenor argues that Lawrence personified all the baddies in Lindsay's life and she just snapped. She closes with this statement: "If Lindsay hadn't snapped. She'd be dead right now. No question." Ellenor calls this opening statement The Magic Ball Speech. Everyone is taken by her words, because the courtroom falls silent, and even Bobby looks at the floor. Oh. He's. So. Moved.

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