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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

Client Room Where They Dissect Inciting Pain. Ellenor asks, "Did I go too far?" Bobby doesn't think so; in fact, he thinks that they "had to pop her." Whatever the freak that means. Lindsay asks Jimmy who is up next. He says, "They go to forensics now."

Cue the technical evidence. A forensic expert has a diagram. I hate diagrams. Blah blood splatters blah. Forensic Doctor X reports that there was no blood on Lindsay's clothing, only Bobby's. When did they get their clothes? Walsh asks if the doctor was able to determine if Lawrence was moving at the time of the shot. He declares that Lannibal was either moving backwards or standing still. How can he tell? Well, the trajectory of the wound tells him so. If Lawrence had been moving forward at all, he would have fallen forward. Forensic Doctor X insists, "He was found on his back!" Oh. Like that was a mystery to begin with. Yawn.

Ellenor's cross. She asks, "Is it your testimony that it would be impossible for the victim to have been moving forward at the time he was shot?" No, it's not impossible, according to the doctor. Ellenor establishes that it probably wasn't a safe place for Bobby to be -- standing in between Lannibal and Lindsay. Then she asks Forensic Doctor X if that fact made him wonder if Lindsay had "snapped." Again, Walsh objects. Bill Smitrovich must have been happy with the script for this episode; he doesn't have that many lines beyond "objection" and "piss-ass" to memorize. Ellenor argues against the objection: "I'm only asking if the expert crime witness wondered." Judge West allows the question. Doctor X replies dryly, "I just analyze blood stain patterns. I don't get into mental states." Ellenor counters, "You're up here to convince the jury that the victim wasn't moving forward. The only relevance of that, I assume, goes to whether Lindsay thought she was in danger." Pause. "That goes to her mental state, does it not?" He admits that, indirectly, it does. Bah! Ellenor gasps, "Indirectly? Mr. Illitch, can you make a representation here as to Ms. Dole's mental state or not?" Doctor X tells the court that he's not going to make any such representation before the court. Ha! Ellenor got him. Did anyone understand the distinction? Or am I just recap-fried?

Walsh plays Lindsay's 911 call. He's got a Mr. Forbes on the stand. He's a tape analyst, I guess. No one at the D-Fence table likes the fact that the tape is playing. Walsh asks Forbes whether or not he thinks Lindsay sounded calm. This time it's Ellenor's turn to object, and the judge, thankfully, sustains the objection. Walsh carries on and asks a question this time: "Mr. Forbes, in the background, we can hear other voices?" Yes. Forbes explains that the voices were identified as belonging to Bobby Donnell. What? That's right. Forbes was able to isolate and enhance the background conversation. In fact, when Walsh plays the tape, it's almost as if there was a tape recorder in their house making note of every breath, every squeak, and every sound. Funnily enough, it didn't pick up the baby crying. It only picked up Bobby saying behind Lindsay, "What's wrong?" After that, Lannibal says, "I don't want to do anybody any harm, I just want to talk to her." Bobby looks over at Lindsay. He squishes up his eyebrows. After Walsh stops the tape, Forbes says, "That's when she hung up." Walsh thanks his witness and sits down. He'd gloat, but the courtroom is already filled with the Emperor's ego. There isn't much room for another.

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