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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

The Firm. Joey Heric is on a talk show, discussing the case. Joey Heric. Why? Underneath his name, the caption says, "Attorney At Law." Not "Manipulative Murderer" or "Egomaniac," just "Attorney At Law." Joey tells the host that he considers both Lindsay and Bobby his friends. Then he editorializes, "Between the two of them, I think Bobby is more likely to kill somebody." Lucy snarks, "Why are they talking to him?" The "lawyer" continues, "I'm not saying he did it, I just know he's gallant and that he'd take the fall for his wife." Joey looks right into the camera: "I just have my doubts." Pause. "Reasonable doubts. I hope that helps." Heh. Joey is on a crusade to save Lindsay. Is he going to be the next ex-client that stalks the poor woman? Either way, it means more Joey Heric, and with the absence of Hunky D.A., he's all we've got. So you go, Joey Heric -- we'll take what we can get.

Suffering County Courthouse. Rod is on the stand. He explains that Lindsay started to come apart during O'Malley's trial. Ellenor asks him to explain. Rod states, "She started having emotional tantrums. To the point where she said she wanted to lose the trial." Blah stared at her in court, blah take her to heaven, blah called her "Clarice" blah. Bobby insists, "We were all worried about her." Okay, so not only does DEK recycle ideas from show to show, but he manages to draw one idea out into three different episodes. "A-ha!" he thinks. "For one Lannibal Hector impersonation, I'll get one Emmy and a two-hour finale." I've got to get myself such a job. Every day would be a holiday. Right. So Ellenor asks, "At some point you took out a restraining order against this man." Yes. Bobby says, "But it didn't matter. He just kept coming." Ellenor wants Bobby to explain what happened the night of O'Malley's murder. He gives the concise version: he heard Lindsay scream for him, he came running out of the bedroom, he asked O'Malley to leave, he threatened to throw him out, and then he "just turned." The camera pauses on Lindsay clenching her hands like she's wringing lemons into lemonade. Bobby explains how O'Malley suffered from psychotic breaks. Ragdoll wonders, with all the psychotic breaks and psychological amnesia, how anything ever happens on this damn show. Bobby continues with his story. Blah O'Malley said "the other man" was coming, blah told Lindsay she was in danger, blah threatened her, blah twice blah. The Emperor takes a princely pause and says, "Then she just shot the gun. She had this vacant, dazed expression as she fired. She put the gun down and then she went to her room." What did he do? He called the police, and then he went in to check on Lindsay. Bobby insists, "She didn't even know what happened. It seemed like she was just gone." He's smart on the stand. He knows not to tell Walsh exactly what Lindsay said.

Walsh fiddles with some papers on his desk. Bobby taps his fingers on the witness stand. He looks coldly at the prosecutor. Walsh stands up and says, "You said your wife started to unravel during the O'Malley trial." Yes. "When?" Bobby responds, "It happened almost immediately. He made his obsession known from the beginning." Walsh persists -- blah Lindsay didn't back off, blah she continued to be his lawyer blah. Then he criticizes Bobby for letting Lindsay take O'Malley's direct testimony. Hello! We were ALL there for the episode. We all KNOW what happened. Do we have to re-live it over and over and over and over again? This show runs in so many circles around itself. I'm tired of chasing it. Anvil is tired of chasing it. The Practice is a blood-sucking leech on the beach of good television. Bobby explains that when Lindsay did her "direct," she was still okay. It was after that when she totally lost it. Walsh steps forward: "Did you get her to a doctor?" Bobby says he was planning to. Walsh badgers, "You were 'planning to'? You wouldn't be lying now to save your wife, would you, Mr. Donnell?" Ellenor objects. The judge overrules the objection. Bobby answers, "I'm not lying." Walsh wants to know if Bobby told the police about Lindsay's "dazed, vacant" look. The Emperor glances over at his wife and responds, "The police never asked what she looked like." Walsh swoops in for the attack. He accuses Bobby of knowing the minute Lindsay shot O'Malley that she committed murder. Bobby categorically denies that this is true. Ha! But the prosecutor has an ace up his sleeve. That's right. He's got the call Bobby made to 911. You know, when he hesitated to answer the operator's question about who shot the man lying dead on his living room floor. Walsh: "When the operator asked who shot the man, why didn't you just tell her?" Bobby answers, "It wasn't necessary to tell her." Walsh pounces. He's like a lioness in a herd of antelopes. "'Wasn't necessary'? So a man is lying on your floor with three gunshot wounds and you're deciding what is and is not necessary to tell the police operator." Did he call anyone else? Well, yes; Bobby called Eugene Young. A lawyer! Bobby insists, "A colleague." It's almost as if Walsh is gaining power with every new sentence. He's a super-villain to Rod's infernal super-ego. Walsh argues that Bobby "huddled" with his lawyer colleague/friends immediately after the event, and only after a day did they discuss the events with the police. Walsh steps forward. He's made his point. Bobby didn't tell the police what happened. He lawyered himself and his wife up instantly. Now, that's some damaging testimony. Despite Ellenor's very weak attempt to object, Walsh makes his point -- Bobby and Lindsay considered themselves suspects from the beginning. Walsh then wants to know what happened to William Hinks. Ellenor objects; it has no relevance. Judge West overrules. Walsh repeats, "What happened to Mr. Hinks?" Bobby says, "He was killed." Walsh continues, "He was killed by a man you did business with, correct." Bobby clarifies, "By a man I used to represent." Blah Bobby was arrested, blah for conspiracy to commit murder blah. Bobby insists, "I was acquitted." Walsh says flatly, "I smell a pattern here. Threaten Lindsay Dole and you end up dead." Bobby glares at Walsh, who glares right back. This time, Ellenor's objection sticks.

The Firm. I'm assuming they took a break for lunch. Lindsay stomps into the office, prompting Eugene to ask, "What happened?" Lindsay snots, "Bobby got picked apart while Ellenor sat on her hands." Brace yourself, because they're going to start yelling again. Lindsay picks apart the defense and then attacks Bobby's testimony. She's really bitchy. Her tone is horrible. Lindsay screams at Ellenor, "You should have been jumping up and down!" Ellenor snarks, "Well, I'm ready to jump now, Lindsay." Bah. I'm tired of the screaming. Jimmy says, "All right." He's ignored. Ellenor snaps, "No! What do you want from us, Lindsay?" Bobby looks and sounds defeated as he says, "Shut it down, Ellenor." His hands are mysteriously quiet. There are no earthshaking sighs. There are no steely blue-eyed stares. Lindsay starts to stutter and shake. She mutters, "What I can't get by when you were all in that room, what I can't get by, in that room." Bobby asks slowly, as if his wife is now incapacitated as well as being on trial for murder, "What room?" Lindsay replies shakily, "My bedroom. You all came and instinctively you looked at this as a murder." Blah powwow, blah instinct, blah crime scene, blah tears, blah murder, blah no one looked upon it as self-defense blah. Lindsay cries. She's grateful they're helping her, but in their eyes and their minds, she committed a crime. She takes a deep breath: "He had no weapon. And I just shot him." Then she bawls. Bleats. And bawls some more. Bobby embraces her. The rest of The Firm empathizes. They are glad not to be in her shoes, but are empathetic nonetheless.

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