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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

Bobby's Office. Lindsay refuses to look at her husband. He tries to get through to her the importance of her testimony today. He takes her hand and says, "Look at me." Lindsay raises her eyes. "None of us. None of us think of you as a murderer because you're not. The lawyer part of ourselves kicked in that night because that's who and what we are." He insists that she "snapped." Nothing more, nothing less. Lindsay looks right at him and says, "Okay." But look deep into Lindsay's eyes, and you get the feeling all is not right in the pretty little brain of hers.

Because, of course, it's not. Lindsay is on the stand. She starts off okay. But then she can't even complete a sentence. She keeps repeating, "First Hinks. Because Hinks stalked me too." She gets the order backwards. "It was Hinks first, and then Vogelman." When Ellenor says, "Vogelman?" Lindsay responds, "He was a client. His name was George. He was a client. He stabbed me. Three times." Ellenor tries to lead her into the right testimony. Something about how O'Malley's trial simply brought the memory of these events back. Lindsay repeats, "First Hinks. Then Vogelman." She nods her head and says, "Three times." Did she ever see a doctor? Lindsay replies that she did for a while, but then she "had to be okay" so she "was okay." She repeats "had to be okay" a few more times. She didn't want to be a victim. That's why she opened the door. Ellenor asks, "What door?" Her front door. It was O'Malley. She opened the door because she wasn't going to be a victim. Ellenor says, "After you opened the door?" Lindsay snaps, "I killed him." Rod tosses his head to the side. Hell, even Walsh looks concerned. Then Lindsay says that O'Malley was about to kill her. "That's why I said, 'You go on without me,' and then I shot him three times. Three times. Just like Vogelman." Ellenor looks upset. Lindsay weeps, "I was afraid he'd kill me. Vogelman tried to kill me." The tears roll down her apple cheeks. "I wasn't going to let him eat me." Damn. It was a great performance for Kelli Williams, but as Lindsay, her case is totally sunk.

Walsh gets up for his cross. He wants Lindsay to reiterate what she said before she shot O'Malley. Lindsay confirms the story. It contradicts her entire case. It proves that Lindsay knew what happened when she shot O'Malley. Walsh has won. He knows it, keeps his questions short, and sits back down.

The Firm. Jimmy, Ellenor, and Bobby are huddled in one corner. Lindsay stands off to the side of the room. Jimmy whispers, "I don't think actually she hurt herself. She seems on the verge." Bobby insists, "She is." Ellenor wonders if she should go to the D.A. and try to get a plea. The fact that Lindsay looked and sounded nuts can only help them. Bobby looks to Ellenor: "Are you ready to close?" Ellenor says she's been up all night, but she has no idea if she's ready or not. Bobby: "You need to come through here, Ellenor. You need to close big." Oh, no pressure there. Why is no one screaming at Lindsay? Is she the only one who is allowed to do the screaming around there?

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