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Crazy ain't no excuse for murder

The Courtroom Of Lindsay's Insufferable Pain. Ellenor makes her closing arguments. She makes a good point. Before the "world changed," defense attorneys were off-limits; the system was protected from the scum it incubated. Only now, it's different. Lindsay was threatened three times by clients. She was stabbed, stalked, and terrorized. Ellenor says, "She is a victim of abuse, and you saw firsthand the mental effects during her testimony." Blah Walsh said he never would have fired the gun, blah so what? Is it really true? Ellenor brings up the fact that O'Malley was handcuffed and muzzled. If Lannibal Hector showed up at any of the jurors' houses, how can they be so sure they wouldn't pull the trigger? Thank gosh she's not harping on the reasonable doubt issue for the hundredth time. This week, it's blah victim blah battered woman blah. You go, Ellenor! That's right. You tell them how Lindsay was ready to snap even before Lannibal showed up on her front door. Ellenor says, "To know Lindsay is to be convinced of her innocence." Blah they didn't get to see Lindsay, blah they saw a battered woman, blah squeezing her hands, blah determined not to be a victim blah. Then she asks the jury to do the "moral" thing.

It was a good closing argument, but Walsh has the law on his side. He stands up and tells the jury that he fights for the general public while defense attorneys fight valiantly for their clients. Yes, he feels compassion for Lindsay, but it was an act of vengeance. And she needs to be punished. All the actions of The Firm up until now can be construed as the actions of "guilty" people. How heavy-handed. On and on about past abuse. On and on about unarmed men. On and on about excuses. On and on about the murder not being justified. Finally, the trial isn't about who Lindsay is; it's about what she did. Walsh argues, "And what she did is murder. If you condone that or even excuse it, the general public isn't served. The law isn't served. And I'm sorry, Ms. Frutt, but neither is morality." Yawn. Anvil gets ready. She takes aim. And then she hurls herself into the television set. Before my television explodes, I see a look of pure glory on her cute little face. It was the moment she had been waiting for, and she was not disappointed.

Client Room Where They Wait For The Painful Verdict. Finally, no one is shouting. They are all waiting patiently for the verdict to come down. Lindsay wants to say "one thing." She thinks Ellenor tried an amazing case. Then she thanks her. She's grateful to all of them. Her eyes are red and teary. Blah sorry, blah put The Firm, blah sorry, blah grateful, blah tears blah. Crazy Lindsay is way more fun than perpetually angry Lindsay. Can we keep her? Oh, wait. I should be careful what I wish for. At the beginning of the Bruce Davidson ordeal, I was thankful for him too.

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