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Stairway to Heaven

Previously on The Practice: Lawrence O'Malley announces that he's Hannibal Lecter. He explains to Bobby that "the other man" killed the three women he ate. It frightens me that I write that with such ease. Lannibal takes a bite out of his first lawyer, literally. Lawrence says, "Hello, Clarice." Lindsay freaks out and screams about how she's not okay. Lannibal is found not guilty. The D.A.'s office tries to get him civilly committed. Lindsay testifies at the commitment hearing, and screams there as well. She is convinced he's coming after her. When the judge denies the motion, Lindsay says to Lannibal, "Come near me and I'll kill you." The doorbell rings at the Rod Manor. Lannibal blathers on about taking Lindsay to heaven. Because she doesn't want to go to heaven, she shoots Lannibal three times in the chest.

The House That Love Built Before The Pain Of Murder. Lannibal Hector lies on the floor of Lindsay and Rod's apartment. The camera spins around him. His chest is covered in blood. The Symphony Of Sacrifice bleats as Rod stands over the body. He looks at Lannibal, covers his mouth, walks backwards, and grabs the phone. The phone beeps 9-1-1. The operator answers, "911, is this an emergency?" Oddly, I thought that Lindsay had already called the police and they were on their way, but whatever. Rod answers, "Yes it is. A man has been shot. It may be fatal. My name is Robert Donnell." The operator responds, "Slow down, sir." Rod replies, "I'm not speaking very fast, ma'am." Which is true. He's very calm. Almost eerily calm. Oh, and by the way, can I just insert how irritated I am that I had to miss the last hour of The X-Files for this? Right. Rod continues, "The address is 1312 Beacon Street." The operator interrupts, "There's a gunshot victim?" Yes. They need an ambulance right away. The operator asks, "Who shot the man?" Bobby pauses. How much information does a 911 operator need, anyway? This conversation is lasting for at least five minutes. The ambulance could have already gotten there by now. He says deliberately, avoiding the woman's question, "A man has been shot. Please get an ambulance to 1312 Beacon." Then he hangs up the phone. Even their fake emergency response is silly. Rod walks down the hallway. He opens the door to the bedroom and asks Lindsay if she's okay. Lindsay responds, "Yes. Is he dead?" Rod: "Yes. I think so." His wife replies, "Did I kill him?" Bobby furrows his brow. Oh. My. Gosh. Lindsay doesn't remember shooting him! How shocked are we? Not.

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