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Previously on The Practice: Spanky the Bookie shakes Jimmy down for the payola he owes as a result of some gambling debts, and is willing to trade some lawyering for what's owed. Jimmy heads back to the Emperor with the pro bono arrangement and confesses his sins. The case between Mr. and Mrs. Spanky goes awry and, shockingly, she ends up dead. They arrest Spanky. Jimmy explains the situation and then Spanky fires the Lump, but not before they threaten each other a whole bunch. Oh, and Jimmy still owes him the whack of cash.

The Conference Room Of Pain at The Firm. Mrs. Baldwin wrings her hands and says, "I can't even believe they're letting him out." The Emperor explains that the prison shrinks believe "he's no longer a danger." Ouch. My cat is biting my feet right now. Plus, he was never charged with the kidnapping of their son. Mrs. Baldwin says the police knew he did it; they just couldn't convict him. She's gone to The Helen Gamble School Of Evidence. Mr. Baldwin insists he's a convicted child molester, and don't "those people" repeat their crimes. Bobby's index finger assaults the mahogany: "What exactly are you hiring me to do? To try to keep him in jail?" They want to bury their son, and only he knows where the body is, Mr. Baldwin chokes: "If there even still is…one." They want Bobby to force this evil criminal, heretofore known as "He," to tell them where the body is located. Rod shakes his head. He doesn't know what he can possibly do. The Guilty One is pretty much confessing to his guilt if he does go ahead and tell the Baldwins where to find their son. Mrs. Baldwin wants Bobby to use his clout and talk to the DA's office, convincing them to file charges against Pearce, the Guilty One, so Rod has leverage in this negotiation. Rod: "I know you've been to the DA's office, and I know what they've told you." Baldwin: "Because we're just two anonymous people walking in off the street. If you asked --" Well, firstly, that's assuming Bobby has any clout. And secondly, that's assuming Helen has a heart, and cares about a case that's almost two decades old at this point. The Serenade Of The Ghosts Of Kidnapping Past swells. If the DA's office couldn't build a case eighteen years ago, there's no way they'd start filing charges today. Bobby: "I think you have to let it go now." Mrs. Baldwin: "We can't let it go now. We have to bury our son." That's right, Rod, this episode is dedicated to closure -- something we all know DEK is not particularly fond of, like, um, where's the Senator?

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