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We Hold These Truths…

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We Hold These Truths...

Previously on The Practice: Scott Wallace's sordid ordeal is played out from beginning to end in flashbacks. Yeah, he was convicted of murdering his wife, yeah he's losing it, yeah, he was given a new trial, and, yeah, Richard the Runt is out for blood. Yeah, we know. And we're sick to death of hearing about it -- just finish the damn storyline already. Lucy shows off What to Expect When You're Expecting and Lindsay announces that she and Bobby are pregnant. Oops, and so is Ellenor. Then there's this strange scene which was not previously on The Practice where Ellenor explains to Lindsay she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret until she's sure everything is fine. Lindsay tries to satisfy the hunger of everyone on the boards by asking who the heck the father is. Ellenor's response: "I'm going to be a single parent."

Judge Beautiful's Chambers. She's being followed into her office by the lovely Eugene Young, who is complaining about a trial starting today. Kittleson is putting him on a simple case with only one prosecution witness. He complains again about the short notice. Apparently, this character has fired three lawyers, consecutively, in an attempt to stall the process. Judge Beautiful explains she has an obligation to make sure he gets a fair trial. Eugene interrupts, "If you're so concerned with fairness, how about giving me time to prepare?" Good point. Kittleson explains that she's not that concerned. Then she launches into her own version of the events: the defendant is "world-class scum," and she is sure he's guilty of the crime. Eugene cracks, "Well, I'm glad you have an open mind." She retorts, "An open mind is like a wound, if it's too open you get an infection." Heh. Kind of sums up my relationship with this show. I've tried to keep an open mind over the years, held out hope that it might actually live up to it's great reputation, and ended up with a criminally sore throat from doing too much hollering at the television. Anyway. The defendant is stalling, and she won't let him get away with it anymore. "Why me?" Eugene asks. "Because you're as good as it gets when it comes to criminal law." Judge Beautiful squints her eyes and continues, "And I don't want to give this bastard a shot at appeal on inadequacy of counsel. So you will do it." Stone Cold Gamble's the DA. Eugene's laughing now, with the luck Helen's been having lately. I don't think she's won a single case outside of her Scott Wallace decision this season. Kittleson dismisses the lawyer by handing him a file and saying, "Go meet your lovely wife-murdering client."

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