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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Glenn & Maggie are having a bit of a lie-in, looks like. Glenn sits up and tells her, "I don't think you should go today." Something is clearly on his mind, and although she gives him some bucking up, she reluctantly agrees to stay.

Tyreese joins Karen at the fence, and when she notices that he's not wearing an apron like the rest of the people on this nasty, nasty detail, he says he's thinking about joining the crew for Daryl's run instead. He explains how he can't deal with the fence work anymore. "You always volunteered to do it," She points out, which he says is because he wanted to get to know her. She kisses him, so it clearly worked. And now they're apparently in the stage of the relationship where he doesn't feel the need to impress her all the time.

Daryl is loading up a pickup with a kid played by Beaver from Veronica Mars, and Beth comes up for a quick kiss. He tells her that he's joining the run and wanted to let her know because of how he's doing this dangerous, heroic thing, though he also wants her to think he thinks it's no big deal. She's fine with it, and doesn't even want to say goodbye. Daryl compares the scene to a romance novel, which means he either didn't hear what just went on or never read any romance novels.

While Sasha and Tyreese are loading up the Hyundai, another newcomer named Bob comes up, asking Sasha for permission to come along. He's only been here a week, apparently, and Sasha isn't sure he's a team player. Glenn points out that Bob was an army medic, and Sasha eventually gives in. What could go wrong?

Hershel's now out in the garden with Rick, giving not-at-all-symbolic tips on how to break off parts of a plant that won't produce. The good news is that they can be repurposed. Like I said, not at all symbolic. Hearing a whistle, Rick leads Carl at a run to open the front gate for Michonne, who is arriving at a run on horseback. Notice that the area just outside the gate has been fortified by some of the type of spiky zombie traps that Morgan had set up in "Clear," because the first casualty of the zombie apocalypse is the U.S. Patent Office. Both Grimeses are happy to see Michonne, who presents an excited Carl with a stash of found comics from her saddlebag. "I get to read 'em when you're done," she says. She also has something for Rick: an electric razor. "Your face is losing the war," she cracks. Well, I'm sure it's worth a few extra drops of generator fuel to make him smooth and kissable again. Rick wonders if she's staying a while this time, and she's noncommittal. The three of them almost seem like a family unit, to the extent such things still exist these days.

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