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The away team rolls up from the inner yard with Daryl in the lead on his chopper, and after some brief greetings during which Michonne tells Daryl she didn't find "him" (the Governor, I'm guessing), she says something about checking near Macon. Neither Rick nor Daryl seems entirely supportive of her plan, given the potential dangers of the 70-mile trek. In any case, Daryl's off on his run, Michonne decides on the spur of the moment to join them, and Rick says he's off to check the animal traps before the walkers get whatever they might have caught. But he tells Carl to stay back and maybe do some kid stuff, like hang out with Patrick or check out "story time." Carl points out that's for kids, which Rick agrees with -- in fact, that kind of seems to be his point.

Hershel walks up on what must be a prosthetic leg, given that he's no longer using crutches or even a cane, and makes a crack about Rick needing some overalls if he's going to be doing the farmer thing. "Piece of wheat out the corner of your mouth, maybe a bigger ass." Then he gets to the point, which is that the rest of the "council" -- Daryl, Glenn, Carol, Sasha and himself -- are insisting Rick take his gun when he goes outside the fence. Rick resists the idea, but Hershel insists.

Outside the fence, Rick is equipped with a few game sacks as well as the old service revolver on his hip. The first trap he comes to has a ripped-up, flyblown deer, so that's probably not going to be a tasty treat sensation for anyone. Moving on, he finds a wild boar lying on its side, but ducks behind a tree when a filthy, desperate figure shambles up and falls on its knees before it. Rick's about to leave it to the walker, until it calls out, "Wait! Please!" So not a walker, then. Just a very dirty lady. "Please help me," she begs. A very, very dirty lady.

After the ads, the woman begs Rick in an Irish accent to help her get the pig to her husband. "We haven't eaten in days," she says. We all remember how Rick blatantly ignored that backpacking hitchhiker in "Clear" until there was nothing left of him but his backpack. But after a pause, this new improved Rick reaches into his bag to hand the woman a foil-wrapped food packet that almost looks as though it came from a nearby Chipotle. She asks if he has a camp nearby and if they could come back with him. "We've been doin' very badly on our own," she admits. Rick says he'll need to meet her husband and ask them both three questions first. It's actually going to be a total of four, because first he wants to make sure she doesn't have a gun. He does find a sad little knife on her, and threatens that if she tries anything, she'll lose. "I don't have anything else to lose," she says, but Rick says she does. But only because he just gave her knife back to her.

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