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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back at the prison, near an area of the fence where nobody is clearing any walkers, Carl and Patrick come across four other preteens who are talking to the walkers on the other side of the dog run as though they're visiting them in a zoo, calling them by names and everything. Carl points out that dead people don't get names, but one of the girls says that these people aren't dead, they're just different. Because we all know how kids that age are into political correctness. "People kill people, they still have names," the girl points out. Carl insists, "They're not people and they're not pets. Don't. Name. Them." The girl leads the others off to story time, but not before one of them outs Patrick as a regular attendee. "You wouldn't dig it, it's for kids," Patrick tells Carl, and heads off, saying he'll meet Carl later.

The away team (Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Zach and Bob) has arrived at an off-brand department store called the Big Spot, whose parking lot was sealed in by chain-link early in the plague to create a sort of makeshift refugee compound. Which obviously didn't hold up, and when our group first found it there were walkers inside the fence like guard dogs. Now there are none in sight, because there's a boom box off in the distance that Glenn hooked up to two car batteries, making enough noise to draw them all off. Don't ask me how you hook up a boom box to two car batteries without frying it.

The group heads inside a tear in the fence, weapons at the ready. Daryl says this is just a sweep to make sure it's safe and to grab what they can, and they'll come back tomorrow with more people. Which makes no sense, because more people means less room for stuff in the vehicles, plus greater numbers are unnecessary if it actually is safe. Whatever. They all head in past the Army tents and jeeps and overturned supplies and the odd corpse to the store itself, where Daryl bangs on a window and says, "Just give it a second." Zach decides it's time for another turn of his once-daily game, "What Did Daryl Do Before All This," and guesses that based on Daryl's helpful yet "kinda surly" manner, he was a homicide cop. This cracks up Michonne, and Daryl plays along just enough to make Zach realize he's going to have to guess again tomorrow. By now, the few zombies inside have reached the front of the store and Michonne asks, "We gonna do this, Detective?" Sasha gives everyone instructions before they head in to clear out the place, and Tyreese asks if she was ever not the boss of him. "Yeah, the few years before I was born," she says, and most head inside, with Bob bringing up the rear. And from Bob, a crane shot rises up to reveal that the roof, the roof, the roof is crawling with zombies -- as well as an army helicopter that crashed at some point and no doubt weakened the structure. Don't ask me how all those walkers got up there in the first place; the helicopter isn't anywhere near that big.

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