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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Rick's dirty new friend leads him through the woods, telling him the story of how she and her husband were traveling to Puerto Vallarta for their honeymoon when the airport shutdown put the kibosh on their connecting flight out of Atlanta. I'm a little embarrassed to realize that I never considered the implications of the gang being so near an international air travel hub. In any case, the newlyweds slept under the giant marble sculptures there for four nights, until the zombies came through. A group that was once much larger is now down to just her and Eddie, and she tells Rick that she wouldn't have made it without him. And not just by saving her or by showing her what she had to be willing to do, either. Rick asks for more details on that last thing, so she explains about the stuff they had to eat, and having to leave people behind, and "hiding from people who needed my help. Unlike you." Well, unlike Today-Rick, to be more accurate.

Inside the darkened store, Michonne slashes down a monster-themed stand-up display that's in pretty bad taste under the circumstances. Glenn's in electronics, where a display advertising baby portraits doesn't seem to improve his sour mood. Bob wheels a cart through the liquor section, shaking his head like he knows better, but he stops near a spot where the ceiling is dripping, and picks up a bottle of wine. He's about to stash it furtively in his bag, but thinks better of it and puts it back on the shelf. I think we've just learned that Bob has fought not just undead monsters, but the demon rum as well. Unfortunately, the shelf he just touched is damp and rotten enough to collapse, dumping out the entire contents of the shelf and every shelf below it. So the whole unit, now top-heavy, tips over on him. Really loudly, too, which attracts the attention of the walkers on the roof. They start converging on the damaged area, which is already looking ready to collapse. Daryl, Tyreese and Zach start lifting the shelf off of Bob to free him, still unaware of the danger from on high. Tyreese is just telling Bob how lucky he is when the first zombie falls through the roof and passes clear through the acoustic tile ceiling. Unfortunately for it, its intestines got caught on something on the way down and it hangs there like a parachutist tangled in a treeā€¦ or a sprinkler that puts out fires with spoiled blood. "Uh, yeah, we should probably go now," Glenn understates.

On the other hand, there's still Bob to be freed. On the other other hand, zombies seem to be finding every weak spot in the roof and crashing right through into the store below, all around our heroes. One of them splatters on the floor like the world's most disgusting water balloon, but way too many of them are landing intact and ready to rock and roll. Walkers were bad enough, but these fallers suck.

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