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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Out in the woods, Rick is trying to steer the conversation back to the safer subject of the marble sculptures at the airport, but now it's his new friend who wants to know if Rick ever did things like she and her husband had to. "Do you think you get to come back from 'em?" she wonders. Rick hopes, so, and she just hopes he likes their answers to his three questions. I just hope the first two questions are "WHAT is your name?" and "WHAT is your quest?"

Zombies are still plummeting down into the Big Spot and attacking our heroes. The upside is that the sunlight pouring in through the holes being punched in the ceiling makes it easier to see. A couple of them pin down Glenn, but the partial riot gear he's wearing is able to deflect their teeth until he's able to reach his gun, shoot one and pistol-whip the other. Tyreese manages to actually shoot one, possibly for the first time ever, but then he misses more and is soon disarmed. Sasha empties her machine gun, and then grabs a garden implement to join Michonne in hacking down the attackers. Daryl uses his crossbow on the creatures as both a projectile weapon and a blunt instrument. Through it all, Bob is still trapped under the shelves as a zombie crawls towards him. Daryl claims some high ground on a pyramid of beer cases near where the first walker fell and makes a stand there, until Glenn rushes in shooting and sees the helicopter beginning to blot out the sun again as it shifts overhead. Bob is reduced to blocking the progress of the zombie crawling at him by bracing his free hand against its forehead, which only works until its scalp starts slipping loose. But then Daryl drags it away and stomps its skull like a glass at a Jewish wedding. Zach puts his back against the shelf that trapped Bob and lifts it enough for the others to drag Bob out, but a zombie crawls out after Bob and takes a big bite out of Zach's leg, then makes a meal of Zach's neck before anyone can react. That's it for Zach -- even if the helicopter didn't just fall into the store moments after everyone else runs out of the way. Which it does. At least most of the zombies are probably out of the picture now, too.

Rick's new friend has finally led him to her campsite, where there's a tent set up with sleeping bags inside. Not that anyone's in either of them. She tells Eddie -- who isn't actually in sight -- that Rick's here to help, then runs at him waving a much bigger knife than the one she had before. Rick easily matadors her to the ground and has his gun aimed at her by the time she looks up. She sobs that she wanted to take the boar, but she knew she'd get Rick to the campsite quicker. "He's starving!" she says. "He's slowing, he needs something alive." So I guess her husband is no longer Eddie, but Deaddie. She explains that she couldn't be without him, so she kept him, though she knows it was wrong. "I can't do things like this," she says, "and you have to do things like this. Let me be like him. Don't stop it. Don't end it after." Rick shouts at her to stop, but she turns the knife on herself and sinks it into her own belly. Rick looks completely wrecked as he holsters his gun, but manages to kneel down to give her a few last moments of comfort. She asks what the three questions were. "How many walkers have you killed?" is the first one. She says Eddie did all that for them. The second is "How many people have you killed?" "Just me," she answers. And the final question: "Why?" Her halting answer, spoken with her final breaths: "You don't get to come back from things." So that's a day-brightener for Rick. He goes off and leaves the dead woman, and the weakly moving bundle under some dirty burlap. So that ought to be about it for the gang from the Atlanta airport, wouldn't you say? At least until they show up again at the fence some time in the future.

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