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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Carol is reading to the kiddies in what I assume is the prison library. Most of the kids are sitting on the floor, aside from Patrick, who's in a wooden chair. And Carl, who is sneaking in for some reason, probably not wanting to be seen because he's so much cooler than all this. There's also an adult watching over it all, but at some point he gets bored and takes off. And the moment he's out of the room, Carol closes the book in mid-sentence and gets up off the chest she's been sitting on. A kid named Luke offers to take watch, and after taking him up on it, Carol reveals that the chest contains a collection of knives, and she's about to teach the kids "how to use them, how to be safe with them and how they can save your life." And probably not by making sushi. Patrick asks to be excused, pleading illness, and when Carol advises him to tough it out, he says, "I don't want to yack on somebody." Carol doesn't want that either, so Patrick takes off. She gets back to the subject at hand, namely promising to teach the kiddies holding and stabbing and slashing and aiming. Just then is when Carl shows himself. Carol asks him not to tell Rick, but Carl just shakes his head and storms out, promising nothing.

Rick's back inside the prison fence and as he's on his way to slop the hogs, he pauses for a look at the same bloody-eyed zombie he saw that morning. And there's a differently unpleasant sight waiting for him at the peg pen: Violet has given up the ghost and now lies dead in the mud. Rick looks devastated at this tragic waste of bacon.

That night, Tyreese visits Karen in her (or their) cell, and she can tell he's upset. "I don't like going out there either," he says. Well, there's just no pleasing some people.

Glenn's back with Maggie, and he tells her that Daryl's going to break the news to Beth about her now-dead boyfriend. Maggie decides to go see her, but she pauses in the doorway to say she's not pregnant. Glenn is a little more relieved than Maggie might have hoped under different circumstances. "I didn't want to, but we could have," she says. "We can have lives here." Glenn wonders how she can say that after everything that's happened, and she says she doesn't want to be afraid of being alive. Glenn says being afraid has kept them alive. "No, it's how we've kept breathing," she says. Deep.

Beth's writing in her journal on her bunk -- like any normal teen girl who lives in a prison during the zombie apocalypse -- when Daryl shows up at her door. He can't bring himself to actually say that Zach is dead, but she gets the message. "Okay," she says, sitting up and looking sad for a moment. Then she gets up and goes to a board she has up in her cell and removes the 3 from the sign that until just a moment ago read "30 Days Without an Accident." She notices the way Daryl's looking at her, and explains patiently that she doesn't cry anymore. "I'm just glad I got to know him, you know?" Daryl agrees, and then she asks if he's okay. "Just tired of losing people, is all," he says. And she gives him a comforting hug, saying she's glad she didn't say goodbye to Zach. "I hate goodbyes." Daryl agrees with that too.

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