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30 Days Without an Accident

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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Michonne is in her cell, checking her map to go to Macon. Yep, the name of the town is still printed there.

Elsewhere in the prison, Hershel has his prosthetic leg off and is rubbing the stump as he tells Rick that nobody could have helped the woman he met today. "Some people are too far gone," Hershel says. "You're not." That's why Rick is holding his baby for the first time today. Rick says he came close to how the woman ended up, and probably would have if he'd lost Carl or Judith or the prison. Hershel doesn't think even that would have done it, and says both he and Carl came back. "You get to come back. You do." So the question is, does Rick choose to believe the rational man he's trusted for over a year or some apeshit chick who tried to feed him to her zombie husband?

And Bob tries to settle down in his bunk, clearly blaming himself for what happened that day. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: never don't drink.

But the day isn't over yet. Patrick shambles through the darkened prison, sicker than ever and coughing as he goes. He makes it to the showers, where he pumps up the mechanism and turns the water on himself without taking off his clothes or even his glasses, as though he's got to cool himself off somehow if it's the last thing he does… which it pretty much turns out to be, as he collapses to the tile. In the time it takes for the water he pumped into the pipes to run out -- and a few short shots of the quiet, tranquil prison interior to go past -- Patrick's face, bloody from where it hit the floor, comes back to life. Okay, well, that's clearly no good.

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