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Burning Down the House

The rest of the gang is out doing donuts around the farm. Andrea's got pretty good aim, considering that T-Dog isn't exactly giving her a smooth ride. Glennn's shooting while Maggie is driving their car, and Daryl is on his motorcycle. He's fairly unprotected, but he's got the most navigation ability. The person who drew the short straw is Jimmy. That dude (whose name I completely forgot until someone on the show reminded me of it later in the episode) is stuck in the RV, which he pulls up to the barn so Rick and Carl can get out of the second story window. What does poor Jimmy get for his troubles? Eviscerated by zombies. The second he lets the RV stop, it is overrun by walkers and he's taken down in a bloody mess. But hey, Rick and Carl get away unscathed on foot.

Realizing that they don't have nearly enough ammo to take out all these walkers, T-Dog opts to just hit the zombies with his car, like some kind of twisted version of Frogger. Lori is still panicked about Carl, but she and Carol grab Beth and Patricia (all of whom have been hiding out uselessly in the house) and drags them out to the car. Along the way, Patricia gets nabbed by a walker and gets eaten. Poor Otis' wife, she never really stood a chance, but the special effects department gives her a nice bloody sendoff.

Carol gets separated from the group, and when T-Dog shows up with the truck, Lori and Beth hop in, while Andrea goes to get Carol. And of course T-Dog takes off without both women. He finally gets to do something and it's drive off like a wimp. Way to go, T-Dog. Anyway, Andrea saves Carol, then the two split up for some ridiculous reason, and Carol ends up getting picked up by Daryl, while Andrea is left alone in the middle of the zombies with just a handful of weapons to protect her. Sucks to be a good Samaritan.

Glennn wants Maggie to drive off and leave the farm, but she's worried about her father and Beth, but Glennn says if they head back towards they mayhem, everyone will be dead. Is Glennn making sense again? And he knew not to take the RV? There might be hope for him yet. She doesn't really need to worry about her dad, because Rick's there killing off zombies just in the nick of time. He drags Hershel to the one remaining vehicle, mostly against his will.

At daybreak, Glennn and Maggie are still driving somewhere, but not really all that far from the farm. She doesn't want to head back to the highway, because that's where the walkers came from. But it seems like that's the most logical place to meet up with everyone. She's very upset at the prospect that her entire family might be dead, and Glennn calms her down by telling her that he loves her. Ridiculous timing, but it seems to work.

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