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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Carl wakes up and first asks about Sophia's whereabouts. Oh yeah, her. We're supposed to still care. His parents lie unconvincingly, as the rest of the ragtag group of misfits finally arrives with camper and motorcycle in tow.

Hershel has a funeral for Otis, where people just pile rocks on an already sizeable stack. Shane looks like he wants to crawl under that pile, and shies away when asked to speak about the final moments. He spins that tale about how Otis sacrificed himself in order to save Carl. Patricia seems particularly moved by Shane's speech.

Hershel won't let Shane or Rick go out traipsing around the woods looking for Sophia as they are both injured and stubborn idiots who don't know when to slow down. So they try to occupy themselves with setting up camp, while Daryl takes off solo. Hershel tells all the gun happy folks that there are no weapons on the property, which Andrea and her itchy trigger finger don't take to kindly to. Glenn gets ready to go with Maggie on a pharmacy run. But before my boy Glenn can do that, he's dangled down inside a well as bait. See, Dale found a walker in the bottom of their well, and they can't just kill the thing because that would make everyone sick. So poor Glenn goes down to drawn the zombie out. Couldn't they have sacrificed Andrea instead? Naturally the dumbasses nearly lower Glenn right into the zombies clutches because of poor planning, but my boy Glenn still manages to lasso the beastie, even in the face of certain death. Glad someone finally found something for him to do. But leave it these idiots to screw even this up, as when they pull the walker up, he breaks in half and the well water still gets ruined.

Hershel decides to let everyone hang out at the house, on the condition that once they find Sophia and Carl's back on his feet, they get the hell out. Hershel draws Rick a map in the dirt, so they can figure out a system for finding Sophia. Hershel wants Rick to stop and smell the roses, or look at some scenery and talk about God. Later on Rick tries to convince Hershel that they should stay. Hershel talks about his estranged relationship with his father, and growing up strong. He'll consider letting them stay, but only if everyone abides by his rules. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Andrea and Shane try to do something productive by taking Carol out to the road, writing on the windshield for Sophia to stay there if she makes it back (with that paint that high school cheerleaders are obsessed with) and that they'll check on her daily. On the way back, Andrea gets annoying again about having a gun. Shut the hell up, already. Shane explains that moving targets and life and death situations are different than regular old target practice. And Shane over shares and vaguely eludes to the fact that he offed Otis... Thankfully for Shane, Andrea is too dumb to put this together.

Glenn and Maggie ride to town on horses -- because clopping horseshoes aren't noisy at all, and wouldn't attract attention from zombies. Glenn has pick up a pregnancy test for Lori, but grabs condoms and then a whole awkward conversation ensues. Turns out Maggie's horny and is happy to hook up with Glenn and make good use of those condoms. So she gets naked in the middle of the pharmacy... instead of taking him out to the barn or something when they get home? I suppose when you could die any minute, you might as well go for it whenever you can.

Daryl finds a house in the woods and sees a blanket in a closet and believes that maybe Sophia was there. Daryl earns my heart a little more when he brings a Cherokee Rose flower back to Carol, and explains about the trail of tears and how this flower bloomed for Sophia. Smart, kind of a jerk, hot, appreciates a clean home, good with a weapon. He may be the perfect man.

Rick gives Carl his hat. Afterwards, Lori looks at Rick like she wants to kill him, but it turns out she's just feeling affectionate? Then she goes outside to pee on a stick, and gets instant results when usually you have to wait at least a few minutes. Let's just say she's less than pleased to find out that she's knocked up... and may not know who the daddy is.

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