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The Stalking Dead
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Using binoculars, Rick looks out over the prison yard from a high, fenced-in catwalk. There are a few walkers beyond the outer fence; not enough to worry about. He watches Michonne emerge from the overturned bus in the yard where she apparently sleeps these days, then pans across the grounds all the way over to the miniature graveyard. And there's the white-clad figure of Lori again, now standing over the crosses with her back to him. Rick picks up his rifle -- take the shot, Rick! -- but instead he slings it over his shoulder and walks out to graves.

Of course Lori vanishes right before he reaches her, but after looking around some more, he spots her again, now beyond the outer fence, near one of the guard towers. She steps out of view behind that structure, and Rick hurries to the nearest gate, ignoring Michonne as he runs past her and into the dog run, then outside the outer gate, leaving Michonne to close the inner door that he left swinging wide open behind him. Rick finds Lori standing on a small wooden footbridge over a creek that flows past the prison, and this time he gets close enough for her to actually touch him. Which she does, at least to whatever extent she can. Rick certainly seems to react as though her hand is real. But of course he has to know that she doesn't really exist because otherwise there's no way she'd be this clean. Meanwhile, Michonne stands inside the prison yard, watching in concern and confusion as Rick stands out there... doing whatever it is he's doing, by himself. If the Grimeses start having sex I hope she'll look away.

Things seem calm in Woodbury, with the streets quiet and the armed guards on the wall as usual. Andrea's hanging out in her place when she gets a visit from the Governor. He compliments her on the speech she delivered during last week's episode, and claims that he's not interested in retaliating against her friends at the prison. She wants to go see them, but the Governor would rather have a little pity party about how he's messed things up and isn't fit to lead. "But you are." Andrea asks if he's abdicating. Still processing his own crap, the Governor just says he thought Milton could find a cure for Penny if he kept her alive long enough. Finally he seems to realize that there are two people in this conversation and asks her to fill in, saying he'd understand if she chooses the prison, but they need her. Wow, Woodbury is in a lot worse shape than I realized if that's true. But of course Andrea is so convinced of her own awesomeness that I'm sure she's not doubting this for a second.

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