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After last week's attack, Rick, Daryl and Merle appear to have already gotten past the walkers in the outer yard, because they're already in the cell block -- or rather, Rick and Daryl are, while Merle's locked outside it in what I'm just going to go ahead and start calling the guest room. Everyone's arguing about whether to run or stay. Rick says they're staying and Glenn backs him up, but he's just about the only one. Merle says they should have skated when they had the chance, but the Governor probably has scouts on every exit route by now. "That truck through the fence thing? That's just him ringing the doorbell." Which is what I thought last week. "If he takes the high ground around this place, shoot, he could just starve us out if he wanted to." Everyone quickly falls to bickering, and Hershel insists, "I said we should leave. Now Axel's dead. We can't just sit here." Rick starts walking away, and Hershel angrily levers himself to his foot and bellows, "Get back here!" Rick actually stops, and Hershel reminds Rick of how he declared the end of democracy at the end of Season Two, which means that their dictator needs to get his shit together already.

Rick goes out to an elevated, fenced-in, and wooden pallet-reinforced lookout post to take in the lay of the land outside. The outer yard is still full of zombies rattling the gate to the inner courtyard. Beyond them is the crashed truck they arrived in, a stretch of empty outer yard, the outer fences and the woods. Rick stares through binoculars and listens to the slavering from outside. Carl joins him and after some small talk, he makes a suggestion. "You should stop." "Stop what?" "Being the leader. Let Hershel and Daryl handle things. You deserve a rest." Rick promised not to get mad, so he kind of can't, and Carl heads back inside. I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe Carl should be the leader.

The Governor's in his apartment, going over some demographic numbers with Milton -- namely, the number of people in Woodbury capable of holding a weapon. Milton's total is 26, until the Governor asks him to include "men and women age 13 and up." Milton stutters that it's 35 if they count what the Governor calls "adolescents," and the Governor says to make sure they're all armed and ready to start training. Andrea comes in uninvited, having gotten wind of his attack on the prison, which is the opposite of what he told her he was going to do. The Governor claims to have gone to negotiate and blames them for shooting at his guys. Which they did, after Axel caught the Governor's opening round with his noggin. Milton makes himself scarce, and Andrea says she wants to go see them. The Governor refuses to give her a car or help of any kind, adding, "You go to that prison, stay there." Please. Like Rick and his group haven't had enough lousy breaks lately.

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