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Road Trip

As Rick drives Carol down the road in the Hyundai, there's some brief discussion about how Maggie didn't come because someone had to stay behind and watch. "Someone you trust, you mean," Carol prods. Rick doesn't respond, and Carol says that she was just trying to end their suffering. I don't recall her saying that to Tyreese yesterday when he wanted to know who did it. Carol goes on that they were a threat, being the only ones who were sick at the time. "I had to try," Carol insists. "Somebody had to." Rick remains completely shut down, just muttering, "Maybe." Which clearly translates to, "You are completely full of shit but I don't feel like getting into it right now." And that's the best-case scenario for Carol.

While the original away team walks down a wide hiking path through the woods, Daryl stops to collect a jasper stone that one of the folks back in A Block requested for a loved one's grave marker. Michonne comments on how the color brings out his eyes, and actually smiles at him with her whole face. It's both startling and wonderful, but when she asks if he knows everyone back there, he says pointedly, "You stay in one place more than a couple hours, you'd be surprised what you pick up." Right, I forgot that smiles don't work on Daryl, Oh well, Michonne's is gone now anyway.

Rick and Carol have arrived in what looks like a quiet neighborhood with no visible movement, undead or otherwise. However, some wag has written on the dusty windows of an abandoned station wagon, "Pardon our dust." Which is odd given that the front window is spotless. Rick looks inside and notices the windshield is clean as well, which means the car can't have been there more than a day or two. The keys are in the ignition, too. Carol basically echoes what Lizzie wondered about Daryl and the others, and whether this trip is for in case they don't return. "Until they do," Rick corrects, and briefs her that they're just raiding medicine cabinets and first aid kits, plus anything edible. And does Carol really believe that is Rick's only agenda?

Okay, there's a regular Banksy at work in this episode, because whoever it is has also inverted and rearranged the numbers on a gas station sign at the edge of a town to spell out "h.ELL." The first away team arrives at this location, which has a full mom-and-pop repair garage as well. They find a car covered with brush and clear it off, but Daryl can't hotwire it until they put a new battery in it. And of course the garage next to it is occupied by walkers. The gang starts hacking away at the thick greenery that has grown along the side of the garage. Tyreese gets a bit too overzealous with his machete and unbeknownst to him or anyone else, cuts through some wire that was all that was holding a door shut. Which means that moments later, rotting corpses are reaching out and grabbing at them from behind the foliage. And I thought I was a bad gardener. Soon they're all engaged with zombies through the leaves, with Daryl and Michonne acquitting themselves best. Tyreese, however, holds onto the arms of the one that reached for him, making it impossible for any of the others to kill it until he manages to haul it free of the vines and on top of himself, which is not really an improvement in his situation. Daryl pulls it off Tyreese and Bob shoots it -- really loud -- before they help Tyreese to his feet. "Why the hell didn't you let go?" Michonne demands, but Tyreese isn't in a talking mood. That's a shame, because I'm sure he would have had some uplifting affirmation to share.

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