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Rick and Carol creep into a house that looks to be in pretty decent shape, with a fairly well-stocked medicine cabinet and kitchen, when a zombie starts coming (first walking, then tumbling) down the stairs at them. Carol freezes for some reason, so Rick has to pull her clear, but she recovers enough to stab the zombie in the head as it lies at her feet. Nice save. Rick draws his service pistol when they hear more sounds coming from upstairs, but it's two live humans who emerge from an upstairs bedroom, offering fruit and everything. The young man -- who looks like the bastard child of Jay Mohr and Eminem -- tosses one to Rick, saying, "Catch. Or, you know, don't," he adds when Rick, you know, doesn't.

After the ads, Carol is bandaging up the dude's scratched up shoulder, which they say he hurt in the greenhouse around the corner. (That explains where they got the fruit.) In addition to the cuts, the guy's shoulder is dislocated, so Carol has him lie on the kitchen table and hold a plastic bag in his hand while she slowly, but firmly levers the joint back into place. Seeing this, Rick looks like he might be reconsidering whatever he's been planning with regards to Carol… not that I'm saying he's actually planning anything, mind you. Their new friends, Sam and Ana, explain that they thought the house was clear until "the deadie in the PJs" drove them into the bathroom. Because of how they're low on ammo and terrible shots to boot, they've been playing it pretty safe lately. Ana has a bad leg, y'see, so her right turns inward and the compass rose tattoo that probably used to be on her right calf is now closer to her right shin. It happened when she was being trampled during a fire at a refuge center, and Sam saved her, and that's how they met. "It was worth it," she says, even though the leg healed wrong. They've kept moving ever since, "But it's getting pretty old," Sam says, ruefully looking at his still-sore shoulder. After exchanging a look with Carol, Rick asks them Question Number One: "How many have you killed?"

Daryl and Bob make their way into the repair garage and find a battery that should work, with a little cleaning up. While outside, Michonne doesn't see the irony in how she won't let go of the fact that Tyreese didn't let go of the walker, because she doesn't want to see him die. She says he has a right to be pissed, "But anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed." He's not too stupid to turns that around on her, asking if she isn't still angry at the Governor. She says she'd cut him in two if he were here, "because that's how it needs to be, but I'm not angry. I was." Tyreese asks why she's still hunting him then, but she doesn't have an answer for that, so they go back to hacking the brush off a minivan. Which after all is a much more productive activity.

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