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Inside the shop, Daryl spots a puddle of dried barf near an empty bottle of antifreeze, and he figures the "douchebags in the vines" were part of a suicide pact. They find one more un-survivor pinned under a collapsed section of ceiling, and while Daryl moves on, Bob hangs back to examine the family pictures over what used to be the guy's desk. Happier days and all that. Bob then mercifully takes the men's room key off its hook and uses the screwdriver it's attached to to ventilate the zombie's skull. Nice try with the antifreeze, though.

Carol and Rick have finished loading up and are ready to vacate the house, and when Sam excitedly asks if they passed Rick's test, Rick tells them about the prison. He warns them about the illness currently ravaging the place, which of course they've already exposed Sam and Ana to. Carol adds that they've lost a lot of people, kids. "Yours?" the girl asks. "No, thank God," Carol says, earning a double-take from Rick, but she says that one of her girls has it. "She's strong, she'll make it," she says. And if she doesn't, she'll get to come back. Sam and Ana are psyched to hear about the place anyway, so Rick tells them to hang out and wait for Rick and Carol while they grab more stuff. "Or you could help us sweep the rest of this neighborhood," Carol suggests, though Rick would clearly rather they didn't. They promise to be careful, and Sam points out that Rick doesn't seem 100% himself. "You a righty or a lefty?" He asks, having clued in to Rick's bandaged meathook and the right-handed holster hanging awkwardly at his left hip. Outnumbered, Rick finally agrees and gives each of them a gun, as well as his watch. The last item is so they can meet back at this house in two hours, but if you watched this on mute it would look like Rick is teaching them how to mug someone.

While hooking up the battery -- and while he and Bob are enjoying some smokes they must have found along with it inside the shop -- Daryl conversationally wonders about Bob's previous group. "Which one?" Bob asks. Okay, say no more. Bob does anyhow, though, saying that he almost kept walking the day Daryl found him, because he was tired of being a witness, but couldn't stand the quiet either. "Used to be, I'd drink a bottle of anything just so I could shut my eyes at night," he says. He thought the prison would help, and confesses that he had his own reasons for joining the Big Spot mission -- namely to get a bottle. "I picked it up, I held it in my hand, but I put it down. I put it down so hard it took the whole damn shelf with it. That's what brought on the walkers, and that's what got Zach killed." Daryl glares at Bob for a bit and says, "That's bullshit," then tells him to get in the van and make with the red and green wire. "Go on, it ain't rocket science." Neither is therapy, it seems. Lookie there, the car starts right up. Daryl whistles for Tyreese and Michonne and tells Bob that he and Sasha picked the spot and took Bob with them, and there was no way anybody could have known. "You ain't gonna be standing alone. Not no more." As an extra vote of confidence, he leaves Bob in the driver's seat as they drive off, leaving the garage family hung up in the weeds. Literally.

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