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Rick and Carol have moved on to another house and are collecting another haul of expired pharmaceuticals while Rick asks Carol if she thought it was right to let the newbies come back with them. She thinks it was humane, which wasn't Rick's question. Carol remarks on the desperation of what they're doing right now and says, "If they're strong enough to help us, then yeah, I think you made the right call." Rick wonders, "If they're not?" "Let's hope they are," Carol says, which means, that if they're not, it's their own problem. She finally cracks and says, "Rick, I killed two people and you haven' t said a word about it." Well, he did say "maybe" earlier. Rick wonders what she wants from him, and she says it's about facing reality so they can live. "So that we can live," Rick says bleakly, which, of course, is exactly what she means. She also says that while he can be a farmer, he can't just be a farmer. She crouches down and says, "You were a good leader. Better than I probably gave you credit for." Now she tells him. Rick agrees, "I never murdered two of our own." "Just one," Carol reminds him snottily. Rick points out that Shane was going to kill him, though without mentioning his name. "So were they," Carol says. "They were gonna kill all of us." Rick says she doesn't know that, and she asks whether Rick would have done it if he thought it would save Judith or Carl. "Or would you have just gone back to your crops and hoped it'd all be okay? You don't have to like what I did, Rick. I don't. You just accept it." Okay, good talk?

The other away team has reached what looks like the college, and soon they're raiding a laboratory classroom. Or at least most of them are, as Bob seems to have found someone's bed behind the professor's desk with books stacked neatly on it. Not that he mentions this find to any of the others, hurrying to catch up as Michonne gives him a little stink-eye over her shoulder.

While Rick and Carol pause to gather some fresh tomatoes from a backyard garden, Carol asks whether she learned that shoulder-fixing trick from Hershel. "Internet," Carol says. "Easier than telling an ER nurse I'd fallen down the stairs a third time," she explains. So then did she make Sophia do the arm-moving? I'm not sure that's better. Rick says he's sorry and Carol says she was just fixing what needed fixing. "I actually convinced myself I was happy with him," she says. "Which wasn't all that hard considering my idea of happiness then was just not being alone." She realizes she was being stupid, and didn't think she could be strong back then. "Why don't you say her name?" Rick wonders, out of nowhere. Not that he mentioned Shane's name when Carol brought him up either. Carol says something philosophical about how Sophia is dead and "Somebody else's slideshow," whatever that means. Rick reminisces a little about Lori in a way that's supposed to be poignant, but only shows that she was pretty useless and deluded even before the zombie apocalypse. And then, as they come around the house, they're brought up short by a spilled bag of fresh produce in the grass. They follow the trail to a gate that stands ajar, and behind it find a twisted leg with a familiar compass rose tattoo. Well, the good news is that leg won't be giving Ana any more trouble, because she's currently being eaten by zombies in someone's front yard about a hundred yards away. "We should get back," Carol says mildly. "Sam's probably waiting." Rick seems to make up his mind all over again. There's strong, and then there's cold, and if Carol were as good at spotting threats as she seems to think she is, she'd by trying to get herself off what is clearly Rick's double-secret probation right now..

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