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Road Trip

The away team at the college continues cleaning up, Bob telling Michonne to grab anything that ends in "cillin" or "cin" so they can dissolve them into IVs when the get back. I'm sure Michonne is fascinated by the planned methodology. Having finished shopping, it's time to clear out, which involves negotiating some darkened hallways, which in turn requires going past some open classrooms with walkers milling about inside. They soon find themselves seemingly trapped inside a dark storeroom full of animal cages, until Michonne finds a sign leading to a stairwell. Tyreese hammers down a zombie that grabs at him, and when the others reach the door to the stairwell, they find it locked and the crack clogged with zombie-fingers reaching through. A brief but intense debate about whether they should risk getting potentially flu-infected zombie-blood on themselves ensues, but since there are now zombies coming at them in force from the only other door, it's quickly moot. They bust open the door, take out the few blocking the way, and make it into the stairwell with the horde slowly following.

Rick stands at the kitchen window of the house where they met Sam and the late Ana, nervously tapping his wedding ring on the gun at his left hip. He might start wearing it on that side all the time just so he can keep doing that. From the kitchen table, Carol says it's been too long. Rick wants to give Sam a bit more time. Carol says he might be fine, but he's not here and they have to go. Rick stares at her dead-eyed for a long, long time, until she at last decides that maybe she should say something sympathetic. And she comes up with, "It was a nice watch." Wow, no wonder she hasn't gotten sick; most blood-borne pathogens can't survive in ice water.

The group at the college fights their way through a hallway, Bob knocking stuff down to slow down the walkers behind them. When they come to a dead end, Tyreese hurls a fire extinguisher through the window to create an exit. They climb out onto a wide, conveniently strong ledge that circles the building's second story, tough Bob flubs his exit and finds himself with one arm hanging over the edge into the newly-arrived crowd of walkers below. They grab at his dangling satchel, but Bob won't release his grip, even as the others -- trying to haul him to back to safety -- tell him to let it go. Finally the bag comes free and clanks against the ledge. Yes, clanks. Daryl looks inside and pulls out a bottle of booze. "You got no meds in your bag? Just this?" he asks angrily. "You should have kept walking that day." He makes as if to hurl the bottle out over the quad, but Bob says, "Don't," with a hand on his gun. Which is a mistake, because Daryl's about to show him how you fucking threaten someone. He charges up to Bob without a word and just presses his face against Bob's, backing him down and pulling Bob's gun from its holster, then putting the muzzle under Bob's head. "Let it go, Daryl," Tyreese says, suddenly the voice of reason. "Man's made his choice." Daryl releases Bob, who says he didn't want to hurt anybody. "It was just for when it gets quiet." You know, it's oddly quiet now given that they're right outside a window from which zombies are currently reaching out at them. Good thing these particular specimens don't know how to climb. Daryl pressed the bottle into Bob's chest and hisses, "You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat our ass into the ground. You hear me?" Wow, look who turned out to be an enabler. Meanwhile, Bob picks up his bag and follows the others down the ledge, like they've all just had a touch of intramural drama on the way out of the mall.

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