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Road Trip

Out by the Hyundai, Rick and Carol seem ready to go, but when Carol tries to open the door to the shotgun seat, she finds it locked. And Rick doesn't seem in a hurry open it for her. So that's how he's breaking the news to her? I guess Carol had one more thing to learn about coldness after all. "They might have lived," Rick lectures her. "Karen and David. They might have lived .And now they're dead. It wasn't your decision to make. When Tyreese finds out, he'll kill you. Damn near killed me over nothing." Carols says she can handle Tyreese, which even from her seems like so much bravado. I didn't see her stepping in last week when Rick and Daryl were tag-teaming the guy. Rick says the others won't want her around when they find out. "And if they don't make it back, if everybody dies of this thing and it's just the two of us, with Judith and Carl, and my… my children, I won't have you there." Carol says, "Rick, it's me." Yeah, it was. Not anymore. Everyone changes, remember? "No one else has to know," she says, which is never a strong argument that you did the right thing. She also says that she thought he was done making decisions for everyone. So Rick says he's making this decision for himself.

Carol remains unrepentant, saying she had to do something, but Rick says she didn't. She briskly wipes away a couple of tears and says she not going anywhere without Lizzie and Mika. Rick isn't even having that, asking her, "You want them to leave? To go out there with you?" After all, Lizzie is sick and Mika is ten and Lizzie is also a fucking moron who will get all three of them killed. Carol begs Rick, but all he says is that they'll keep the girls safe. "You're not that woman who was too scared to be alone," he says. "Not any more. You're gonna start over. Find others. People who don't know. And you're gonna survive out here. You will." Carol says maybe. And Rick drops her backpack at the curb. Is it just me, or is it bad juju to be talking about Carol finding other people out there when still nobody knows what has become of the Governor? And am I the only one who can see her joining forces with Phil and coming after everyone at some point down the road? I'm not, am I?

Back at the car, Michonne and Bob and Tyreese are planning their return route while Daryl fidgets with his jasper in the van's shotgun seat. Michonne gets behind the wheel next to him and tells Daryl that he was right about the trail going cold. "I don't need to go out any more," she says. Daryl grumps, "Good," and slams his door. With that, they head on out.

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