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Road Trip

Rick and Carol finish loading the "Pardon Our Dust"-mobile for her, including a gas can that he's letting her keep. You know, in case she comes across any other bodies that need barbecuing. I keep expecting Carol to come at Rick with her knife, but he clearly doesn't because he turns his back on her and everything. In fact, Carol reaches into her pocket to give him a watch that Ed gave her on their first anniversary. "Should have given it away a long time ago," she says. With that, she gets in her new car (which starts right up), does a loop around the cul de sac, and heads off on her way without even bothering to flatten Rick. But, you know, what the fuck were they doing parking in a cul de sac like a couple of goddamn rookies in the first place? Might as well lay on the horn and holler, "Hey, zombies, please come cut off our only exit!"

A sad song about change winds up on the soundtrack, as the first away team drives quietly down the road in what looks like a long ride home. They might as well be listening to "Tiny Dancer." Rick is also driving, with the car sporting not just one but three empty seats in an unconscionable waste of cargo space. As the road unwinds quickly ahead of him, he keeps glancing in the rearview mirror -- but of course there's nothing there but the double reflection of himself in the anti-glare glass. So, congratulations on another problem solved, then?

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