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Wandering the Wilderness
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Tonight's episode begins with a soundtrack filled with hope and optimism. It's the voice of Beth, telling her diary how great it is that after months of being on the run from the farm, they've found a prison where they can settle down, build a life, start a farm, help Lori raise her baby, sleep in beds, and just generally be safe. "We can live here," Beth wrote. The irony, of course, is that Beth's voice-over takes place while we're watching a scene of her and Daryl in panicked flight from the prison, desperately fighting their way through zombies in the woods. Eventually they get enough distance to crash down in the bush for a minute to catch their breath, out of sight, looking up at the sky, where vultures are circling. "We can live here for the rest of our lives," she wrote. So it's all clearly Beth's fault for jinxing it, then.

That night -- or more specifically, early the next morning -- the two of them huddle around a tiny campfire. Beth argues that they can't be the only survivors and that they should "do somethin'." She wants him to start tracking them, but Daryl is shut down, silent and motionless, not bothering to move until Beth takes her gun and her knife and stomps into the dark woods. He kicks out the fire and follows, if only to make sure she reloaded her pistol since dry-firing it at that zombie in the opening scene.

Once the sun is up, Daryl uncovers some dead leaves from some small footprints. Beth thinks they might be Luke's or Molly's, and insists they're still alive. Daryl's not so sure. I'm not so sure who Luke and Molly even are. Following the trail, Daryl finds some squashed grapes on the ground and interprets them as a sign that the survivors fled in a hurry. Beth is still telling him to have faith, but Daryl doesn't think much of faith right now. "Didn't do nothin' for your father," he says. Beth gives him a nasty look and he gives her an apologetic one, and when Beth starts picking more grapes for when they find the kids, Daryl gives her his bandanna to carry them in. Teamwork!

Further along the path, Daryl finds two dead walkers on the ground and a spot of human blood on a leaf. And lots of other tracks that indicate this is something of a walker thoroughfare. Suddenly another walker comes out of the trees and grabs Beth in a way that prevents Daryl from getting a clear shot with his crossbow. So Daryl closes with it and forces it to the ground, then rolls under it so Beth can stab its forehead with her recovered knife. And, back to the search.

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