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Down with the Sickness
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After ditching Carol on their supply run, Rick's driving back to the prison. He contemplates the dead leaves blowing on the highway, his bandaged right hand on the steering wheel, and Carol's watch with half its band missing on the seat next to him, which says it's about quarter to six. I like to think that at some point, the prison council made a conscious decision to just fuck Daylight Savings Time once and for all. The Hyundai passes a legless but still moving zombie being picked at by dogs at the side of the road, and as the watch keeps ticking, Rick puts his head down and drives with renewed determination. Or else he's getting sleepy.

Back at the prison -- which is a place nobody missed at all last week -- a very sick Sasha and an even sicker Glenn are struggling to assist an un-sick Hershel as he intubates a guy named Henry, who is sickest of all. Henry is also wide awake, so it's not going all that well. Eventually Hershel gets the breathing tube in and starts squeezing the bag to help Henry breathe. With the immediate crisis resolved, Hershel orders his nurses to drink some tea and remarks, "Some council meeting, huh?" Sasha points out that they're two members short, so Hershel suggests they make some new rules in their absence. "I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday," he says. "First we have to find some spaghetti." And no, Hershel is not temporarily being played by Robin Williams in a Snickers commercial. For one thing, this is a much tougher room. Hershel asks Sasha to take over the bag-squeezing and drafts Glenn to join him on his rounds. On the way out of the cell, Glenn asks Hershel how long this will keep Henry alive. "As long as we're willing to do it," Hershel says. "As long as it takes." Better appreciate it, Henry.

Cell Block A is pretty quiet except for sporadic coughing as Hershel, holding a lantern, leads Glenn down the stairs from the upper level and among the occupied cells. The first patient he looks in on has already checked out, with the trademark blood-muzzle of the flu's victims. Glenn goes to draw his knife, but Hershel tells him to wait and goes to get a gurney. Glenn wonders how this is going to work when Henry dies, being upstairs and all, and Hershel says Glenn will help. "What if I'm gone?" Glenn asks. "Shut up and help me get him on this," Hershel hisses. I assume you won't consider it a spoiler that when the time comes, discreet disposal of Henry is going to be the least of anyone's problems.

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