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We're starting in the past, with the Governor and his two lieutenants, Martinez and Shump, surveying the killing field where the Guv just massacred every other Woodburian who took part in the abortive raid on the prison at the end of Season 3. And then the Governor drives off, with Shump riding shotgun and Martinez standing in the pickup bed. Of course they don't know that Karen survived, but that's not going to be the case indefinitely.

That night, the Governor sits watching a campfire with three tents at his back. A lone walker in a dress comes shambling at him from the other side of the fire, but the Governor doesn't move, watching blankly as it trips over the firepit and crawls toward him, dress now aflame. Martinez shoots the thing and shakes his head before going back to bed. Sure -- it should be safe now that a gunshot just echoed all over the countryside.

In the morning, the Governor crawls painfully out of the tiny tent that's barely bigger than he is and surveys the scene -- only one tent now, and the pickup is gone. So Martinez saved him only to ditch him, and I'm sure he'll live to regret one of those things. Lucky for the Governor, they camped near a weigh station and there's a heavy-duty truck abandoned nearby. So the Governor promptly takes this and returns to Woodbury, where he crashes through the front gate at speed, and burns the whole damn place to the ground while the zombies drift along the streets ignoring him. Bet he was surprised to find the town empty. And that was some fortuitous timing on the part of Rick and his group to get everyone out before he came back.

Cut to a ragged, hairy, bearded ex-Governor walking along the road months later, as we hear him telling a couple of unseen women about how he was traveling alone for a few months and before that was safe in a town. He sees a barn where notes and names have been graffitied, in a post-apocalyptic Facebook string that includes repeated references to someone named Brian Heriot. The Governor's conversation continues in voice-over as he tells his interviewers what happened to the town. "He just lost it… the man in charge. Barely got out alive." Okay, that first part was true. The Governor reaches another destroyed town, where even in his exhaustion he matadors past a walker that just ends up falling while lunging for him. This is really not making the zombie apocalypse seem all that hard to survive. Finally the Governor collapses in the middle of the street, but gets back to his feet when he sees a figure watching him from an open second-story window.

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