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Mutiny in Woodbury

Milton privately goes to Andrea and tells her that there's no deal with Rick, and the Governor wants Michonne. And then he's going to kill everyone at the prison whether he gets her or not. Andrea says she needs to stop it, but Milton doesn't think she can. Well, just because Andrea can't do something, that doesn't mean it can't be done. But for now, Milton leads her to a hidden spot overlooking the Governor's "workshop" and shows her what's below -- the Governor's tools, with a dentist's chair in the center of the room. All that's missing is Lawrence Olivier repeatedly asking Dustin Hoffman, "Is it safe?" Milton tells Andrea to go warn the people at the prison, but Andrea's got a better idea: "I have to kill him." Yeah, you tried that before, remember? They're still debating when the Governor walks in below and they fall silent, watching as he sets down a curve needle and thread then stands contemplating the chair, whistling. Andrea quietly draws her sidearm and takes aim through the louvers, totally visible if the Governor were to look up, but Milton takes the gun out of her hands. Damn, even Milton can thwart her? What the hell good is she?

Afterward, in her apartment, Milton argues that there's still a spark of the old Phillip he once knew, much as he believes the walkers are still themselves in some way. Andrea doesn't buy that argument, but she is given pause when Milton points out that after she and the Governor are both dead, Martinez will take over. "Killing the governor doesn't save your friends." Andrea says she's going to warn them then, as though it's entirely her idea, and angrily adds that he's coming with her. But Milton isn't budging, even though I belatedly realize that she meant it as an invitation rather than a threat when she kisses him on the cheek before leaving. Well, that was out of nowhere.

Out on the street, Andrea can't even get past some of the Governor's men without Martinez bracing her and demanding she hand over her weapon for the Governor's collection drive. She reluctantly does so, just before the Governor comes up and apologizes for not telling her earlier; he just wanted to keep her safe. But he wants her along with him when he goes to meet Rick tomorrow, in case he tries anything. Andrea agrees to that, or pretends to.

Tyreese and Sasha are up on the wall at the back of town, and as a walker approaches from outside, it becomes clear that Tyreese owes his continued survival to his size and facility with melee weapons because he is one shit marksman. I guess it's about time this show had one. Even with a scope he can't even wing the ghoul at ten yards, but he finally gets him on the fourth try. Andrea struts up behind them all bossy-like, telling them Martinez has summoned them to the front wall for help with a large pack that's approaching. They're not buying it, so she drops the pretense and climbs on up, trying to go right past them. Tyreese tries to stop her and she pulls her knife on him, which Martinez failed to get from her earlier (not that he didn't ask). That quiets them down, even though they've both got big guns. She says she's sorry, but she has to leave; "The Governor is not what he seems to be." Tyreese tries to talk her down, but they end up letting her hop down off the wall and run down the ruined street. Sasha tells Tyreese that they shouldn't have let her go. "What do you want me to do, shoot her?" Tyreese asks. Well, if we hadn't just established that you can't...

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