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Mutiny in Woodbury

What they do instead is go right to the Governor and Martinez. Both of them, in fact, so I don't know who's at their post now. Martinez is pissy but the Governor is keeping up the benevolent leader act, telling them they did the right thing and expressing gratitude that neither of them was hurt, then going on to claim that his concern is for Andrea, feral after spending the winter in the wild all alone. He asks if Andrea said anything specific (which of course she didn't, because that might have been helpful), but Tyreese has got nothing, and is mainly worried about being in trouble with the Governor. He assures them that they're cool, but asks them to help Martinez with something. Which means they're probably dead.

Outside, Milton advises the Governor not to go after Andrea like he wants to, saying she just wants to be with her people. The Governor realizes Milton knew, and grabs him by the throat, demanding to know if he told her about the deal or Michonne. "She knows, doesn't she?" the Governor growls, and furiously releases Milton before stomping on.

Andrea jogs down the road, slowly accumulating a trail of walkers as she goes. Solid plan, this.

Martinez leads Tyreese and Sasha to the wall, telling them and their friends Alan and his son Ben -- who are also on wall duty -- that they're rolling out in a few minutes. Alan talks to an increasingly concerned Tyreese about how crazy he's heard Andrea is, and tells him to get on board, warning him that he doesn't want Tyreese getting them all booted out of here. "They've been attacked by that crazy-ass cowboy and some chick with a sword. Shit's going down and you're making waves." Tyreese tells Alan to back off, and when it looks like some old shit is about to get dredged up, Sasha leads Ben off to the truck. Apparently Alan is still butt-hurt about Tyreese having saved his late wife Donna's life at some point, leading her to see Tyreese as her savior and leaving Alan feeling useless. Martinez impatiently calls them over to the truck. "We ain't done," Alan says. Oh, I think you probably are.

Andrea, still running down the center of the road, hears an engine roaring up behind her and dodges into the trees, where it's so much safer. She stands with her back against a cluster of tree trunks and is actually stupid enough to be relieved when the truck goes by. Right up until one walker's arm reaches between the trunks and grabs her from behind, pinning her, while two undead women approach from the front. She braces her knee against the lead ghoul, giving her time to get her knife into position so that when she release it, it falls forward with its eye impaled on the blade. The one behind it is pinned beneath when it falls back again, and when Andrea breaks the arm of the one behind her, she's free to stab the other female, and then the original Mr. Grabby when it comes around the tree after her. And then she's back on her way. Okay, obviously I like her better when she's fucking up zombies instead of everything else she touches.

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